Sunday, 23 November 2014

Criss Cross Prints

Dress: Chicwish
Jacket: Chiara
Boots: Matalan
Bracelet: Mango

I took these photos last week and planned on publishing the post straight away but then I got the dreaded flu virus that's been going around and all my plans went out the window. For three days I could barely stand, never mind come on the laptop, so everything has been a little bit behind and delayed, although I'm back on form now and trying to get caught up with everything asap. Looking back, I don't think I really look too well in these, but I love the outfit so I thought I'd post them anyway!

Although this 'dress' is actually sold as a top, when it's layered with thick tights and worn with a duster jacket like this, there really is no reason not to just wear it as a dress... or at least that's what I'm telling myself to justify it - the benefits of being small! I have worn it as a top too, layered over the top of a casual tee and with jeans.

I love this jacket and I've been wearing it loads lately for an extra layer in my outfits, partly because it goes with everything and partly because it's been so damn cold, I've needed every layer I can get!
It's rare I wear something that it predominantly white, which, when I wear so much monochrome is a little strange. It has a smart, dressy vibe to it, which I love, because I love the whole smart/casual look at the moment... it's so easy to dress an outfit up or change the whole look of something with one key piece.

Hope you've all had a great weekend, I'm going to try and make the most of today as it's my last day of eight off work... why does time off go by so quickly?!
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Saturday, 22 November 2014

ghd Birds Of Paradise Sunset Styler

I don't think anyone would argue that ghd are the go-to brand when it comes to hair straighteners. I still remember the first pair I bought and that feeling of being able to straighten my thick, wavy hair into a sleek, frizz free style with such ease... how had I ever coped without them?! This was years ago, when the only option for straighteners was black or... black, whereas now you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to colour and size, you can match your straighteners to your own personal style or to suit the needs of your hair.

ghd often release limited edition straighteners, recently they launched a Birds of Paradise collection; three brightly coloured, ombre designed tools in a high gloss finish, with a matching coloured heat resistant mat. I photographed these so many times, and none of the photos really do justice to just how beautiful they are in real life, they're shiny, sparkly and just beautiful. If they ever break, I am pretty sure I will hold onto them, just so that they can look pretty on my dressing table! They even come in a beautiful glossy box, which I beg you not to throw away... I have been using mine to store my hair bobbles and clips. 

I chose the Sunset styler; a vibrant pink to purple design, which has contrasting black plates that not only look good, but provide enhanced shine to the hair and are super smooth so that your hair doesn't get caught. The barrel of the straightener is slightly rounded too, which makes it so much easier and smoother to use to curl the hair - this gets a definite thumbs up from me.
It is rare that I wear my hair poker straight... I don't think it suits me as much as when I wear my hair with volume or waves, but with this tool I can really create any look I desire.
To create the look above, I straightened my hair to begin with (also using ghd's Heat Protect Spray) to take control of the frizz and unwanted, random waves in my hair. I then section off pieces of my hair and begin to wave, simply by rotating the straighteners back and forward on themselves as I work my way down the section of hair. I went for a loose, natural wave, but it is just as easy to achieve a more intense wave or curl by working the hair in smaller sections.

Gone are the days when a straightener is just for straightening, they really are so versatile and easy to use, I couldn't manage without mine! They hate up in a matter of seconds, and they're lightweight yet sturdy, which just makes them a dream to use.

When it comes to the technical things, the tool has a swivel cord, which makes life so much easier, especially when using it to curl the hair, so there will be no getting tangled in the wire, and if you're a bit of a worrier like me, they have a 30 minute sleep mode, which means they will switch off and cool down after 30 minutes automatically - a great safety feature.

For every one of these straighteners sold, ghd will donate £10 to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, an amazing charity, doing amazing work to help battle cancer - if that's not reason enough to buy these, I don't know what is, and if the pink and purple design isn't for you, they're also available in a blue/green design and a coral/pink design... you really will be spoilt for choice.
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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Clinique Chubby Stick - Super Strawberry

If you're a lover of berry shades on the lips this time of year, but aren't too confident to wear a full on dark lip throughout the day, this may be the lip product you have been searching for.
It's a subtle, glossy warm red/berry colour which applies really nicely on the lips. It looks a little darker on the swatch than actually applied, however I have heard a lot of people saying this shows up differently on everybody, so maybe it's down to your individual skin tone. Don't let that put you off though... It's pretty buildable. I find that applying once, blotting, then applying again gives a deeper colour on the lips, yet it's still subtle for daytime... I wear this a lot for work when I don't want to go all out or just on a morning for the school run when I feel like I need a bit of a pick me up.

The best thing about this is that it's very moisturising, so there's no drying out or gathering of the product in the corners of your mouth (my ultimate pet hate)... It just fades gradually. I find I top up every three hours or so, if I'm not eating or drinking, which is pretty reasonable for this kind of product. The fact that it's really easy to carry round is a bonus too, just slip it into your pocket and touch up as you go.

I have tried quite a few dupes of the Chubby Sticks, and to be honest I don't think these are massively different to any of the other brands, other than the fact that they are creamier to apply, the moisture factor really does get a thumbs up from me. I got this one free with Glamour magazine a couple of months back, but I do think I would consider trying some other shades, they're great for a girl on the go!

Have you tried any of the other shades? Let me know if there's any I need to swatch next time I'm at a counter!
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