Monday, 24 October 2016

American Afternoon Tea - Karbon Grill Sunderland

I'm a big fan of afternoon tea, so when I was invited to try the new American Style Afternoon Tea at the Karbon Grill in Sunderland, I couldn't wait to see what would be on offer.

Karbon Grill is located in the new Hilton Garden Inn, next to the Stadium of Light in Sunderland. Serving steaks, ribs, burgers, tapas, seafood and now these unique Afternoon Teas in really bright, contemporary and modern surroundings, this could definitely be 'the place' to eat if you're in the area.
If you're looking for somewhere special, I would definitely recommend it... The staff were all really attentive and it felt really upmarket. They are open weekdays for breakfast and daily for lunch and dinner.

I really didn't know what to expect to be eating, but when the American Towers arrived, I wasn't disappointed.
On the first tier were perfectly sized pork and chorizo sliders in toasted buns with lettuce and tomato, and buffalo chicken wings marinated in hot sauce, with extra hot sauce on the side for those who were brave enough!

Tier two consisted of mini calzone pizzas; one cheese and herb and one pepperoni, breaded cheese and pickle bites and BBQ sauce. 
The third tier catered perfectly for those of us with a sweet tooth, with slices of key lime pie, pecan tart and Mississippi mud cake, decorated with a sliced strawberry.
As I don't like nuts, I didn't try the pecan tart, although it looks really tasty with lots of gooey caramel on top. The key lime was really fresh and tangy in flavour and the mud cake was so indulgent, I could have eaten a few more slices... moist chocolate cake packed with chocolate chunks and a piece of rich brownie on top - Yum!

Rather than cups of tea, the American Tower comes with mini milk bottles of super thick banana and strawberry milkshakes, which are made with fresh fruit, however if you prefer a cuppa, I'm sure they will accommodate your preference.

The American Afternoon Tea is served from 12-5pm at £14.50 per person. Each person will receive a full tower to themselves, which is the perfect size for an afternoon treat.
A classic Afternoon Tea is also served at £12.50 per person.

Would you try the American version?!
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Joan Collins I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish

Joan Collins Timeless Beauty I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish
Joan Collins Timeless Beauty I Am Woman Dry Oil Body Polish
So we know Joan Collins has a range of beauty products, but did you know she had introduced skin and body products into the collection?

As a fan of her lipsticks and blushers, I couldn't wait to give some more products a try and the one which has stood out to me the most is the Dry Oil Body Polish.
I have always loved really rough body scrubs, there's nothing I enjoy more than a good exfoliation session in the shower. I'm always drawn to the salt scrubs or anything that little bit more intense to really help buff my body to it's smoothest and leave me feeling squeaky clean.

This time of year always makes me really crave a long hot bath, a few candles and some bath time products... Nothing can beat a bit of a pamper session, can it?!
I've used this straight onto dry skin before rinsing off in the shower for a really deep exfoliation and in the bath, by simply applying to damp skin and using circular motions to buff away any dead skin. When used this way the salt and oils melt into the skin with contact and instantly leave the skin feeling smooth and hydrated.

The Dry Oil Body Polish definitely feels luxurious, and it's a real treat for the skin.
Made from a blend of Himalayan Salts, 3 plant oils and kiwi seeds, the high mineral content and leading source of vitamin C help to keep the skin looking young and vibrant, while the extra ingredients of Olive, Avocado and Golden Jojoba Oils work to give a boost of hydration and leave the skin feeling super silky.

It is lightly fragranced with Dame Joan's 'I Am Woman' perfume, which lingers gently on the skin for a good while after use.
And it's also good to know that a little goes a long way with this, so if you're unsure about the price (£18)... I'd say it's going to end up worth it, after all everyone deserves a treat!
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Friday, 21 October 2016

Crownbrush Do Makeup?!!

Crown Brush makeup and brushes
I'm sure we all know of Crownbrush as on of the best in the business when it comes to makeup brushes, but do we know much about their makeup line?!

I for one, didn't realise Crown makeup existed until I found myself eyeing up the most beautiful palettes as IMATS earlier in the year, and the collection doesn't stop at palettes...
There's foundation, highlighters, eyeliners, lip glosses and so much more, all at really affordable price points and there's so much to choose from. I really wonder why this makeup brand has gone so unnoticed... until now.
Crown Brush makeup and brushes
Crown Brush makeup and brushes
Crown Brush makeup palette swatches
I have been trying out the HD Effect Primer which is a family new product to the Crown range.
Packaged in a simple yet sleek black tube, this is a really thick, gel like consistency, which applies to the face so smoothly. Despite being clear, this gives the effect of blurring any imperfections instantly and the face is left really soft to touch - the perfect base for makeup.

Although the primer itself doesn't look like, or really feel like any other primer I have used in the past, I would compare it to Benefit Porefessional in the way it leaves the skin feeling so velvety and smooth.
I have dry skin and this works well for my skin, but as it's oil free I can imagine it being great for those with oily skin types too.

My favourite product from the range has to be the Blush! Bronze! Illuminate! Palette, which for me was love at first sight. I was expecting this to be really expensive, but at only £19.99 it's a palette that everyone can afford, and should most definitely own.
The bronzer, the blush, the highlighter... ahh they're all so beautiful, I really don't know where to start!

As I apply it first, I'll talk about the bronzer; a medium toned matte powder, which blends seamlessly to give a really natural colour to the skin and is in fact an anti-ageing bronzer. There's no emphasis made on fine lines with this, it actually helps to blur and disguise them, giving a really fresh, bronzed look to the complexion.

The blush is a beautiful coral/pink shade, which is much like the bronzer in it's fine, light powder consistency. This again blends perfectly and adds a bright yet natural tint to my cheeks.
Finished off with the highlight which is slightly golden and sparkly, but not so much that it looks fake, it's more of a radiant glow... The three powders together are my new favourites!
Crown Brush makeup and brushes
Crown Brush makeup and brushes
My love for Crown brushes just keeps growing, and I now have the Pro Highlight & Contour Brush (C522) and the Pro Jumbo Shadow Brush (C506) to add to my collection. 
I have been using the highlight and contour brush alongside my palette as the tapered shape contours my cheek bones with ease. 
The jumbo shadow brush is perfect for applying allover base colours as the bristles are so dense and short, they pick up lots of product and pack it onto the skin with great prescision. 

Both brushes come from the Crown Pro range, which have all been handcrafted with higher quality hair to give better application for any makeup enthusiast. 
With a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, these brushes work well with creams, powders and liquids - you really won't be left disappointed by them... I just want more!
Crown Brush makeup
Crown Brush makeup
Crown Brush makeup
I am wearing both products in the above photos, and I really love the look I have achieved with them. Thanks to the primer my skin looks so smooth and my makeup applied flawlessly on top and the colour given from the palette works perfectly with my skin tone.
I love the glow from the highlight and the blush gives a really healthy flush of colour... Now do you see why I reach for this palette daily?! 

Have you tried any products from the Crown makeup range?
Let me know what I should pick up next!
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