Friday, 24 April 2015

Olly Murs Never Been Better Tour - Newcastle

On Sunday night I headed North to the Metro Radio Arena to see Olly Murs on his 'Never Been Better' Tour,  I've seen Olly live a few times before so I knew I was in for a real treat.
The arena was completely sold out, and I was lucky enough to be in the VIP area, right up front with an amazing view of the huge stage and set, the band and Olly himself in his hip swinging, bum shaking glory.

Olly burst onto the stage (literally from beneath) to waves of screams from all of the girls (and gents) in the room... yes there were some men there, who seemed to be having just as much fun as the women, in fact it was a really diverse crowd, there were people of all ages and from what I could see, everyone was having a really good time.
The hour and a half show flew by, with the whole show being thoroughly entertaining. If Olly wasn't singing, he was dancing (and wow, can he dance!) or telling jokes with the odd cheeky innuendo thrown in for fun - he really lives up to his Essex Boy persona.

There were lots of songs from the new album (check out Never Been Better and Beautiful To Me if you haven't heard them already) as well as all the classics; Dear Darlin', Troublemaker and Dance With Me Tonight to name a few. My favourite section of the concert was a slowed down medley of Olly's early singles; Thinking Of Me, Busy and Please Don't Let Me Go, which was sang around the piano with his backing singers - a really nice touch to the energetic show. He sang his duet (usually performed with Demi Lovato) with his support act Ella Eyre, there were fireworks, flames, a few 70's hits thrown in and a quick snippet of Uptown Funk, which got the crowd going wild!

While I was having a blast at the front, the people at the back weren't forgotten about... a large walkway descended from the ceiling to take Olly above the crowd to a small stage near the back, where he performed a few songs in the middle section of the show.
At the end of the show Olly was elevated up the the ceiling with confetti exploding all over the crowd while he sang his recent hit Wrapped Up - a great end to a great concert - next time Olly's in town I will definitely be there!

If you would like to go and see Olly before the tour ends, you still have chance... check out the tour dates here.
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Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mixing Summer Prints

Coat: Primark 
Blouse: Dorothy Perkins
Skirt: George at Asda 
Shoes: Primark

There's something I really like about mixing prints in outfits, it's not as daring or in your face as mixing and clashing colours, but a clash of prints can really add something to a look.

For a smart daytime look, I chose to pair this subtle, sheer polka dot blouse with the more dominant printed skirt and balanced everything with the neutral coloured mac, black tights and simple shoes.
I bought the blouse last year, and I've worn it endless times (usually under little jumpers... everyone knows I love a collar!) The skirt is from George at Asda's SS collection, a brand which is forever surprising me with their pieces and their prices! It's such a versatile piece for my wardrobe too, I've worn it styled smartly like this and I've also worn it with a casual grey tee tucked in, bare legs and chunky black boots... it's one of those things I find myself reaching for regularly.
As for the coat, I didn't really need it, but I like to play it safe with an extra layer at least until mid May, even though it feels like Summer already! I have to say it's one of my best ever buys from Primark, it's so easy to wear and it goes with everything.

In other news, today is my Sunday, I've had two days off work where I've managed to catch up on emails, schedule a couple of blog posts, catch some sun and watch all the episodes of One Tree Hill... I might even clean my makeup brushes and paint my nails this afternoon! Don't feel too sorry for me though, I had a jam packed week last week, which I vlogged! The video will be edited and up on my YouTube channel tomorrow, so you can subscribe here if you don't want to miss that.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

M&S Wishlist

When did Marks & Spencer get so trendy?!

I was browsing the home wear section over the weekend (yes I'm officially old now) when I found myself browsing the bags... then the clothes... and to my surprise, I ended up lusting after so many beautiful pieces. I definitely know where I'll be heading first thing on payday!

Now that Spring has sprung, it's all about the pastels and M&S have hit the nail right on the head with their Spring Summer collection this year.
In particular I am loving the trousers... all three pairs! The pink and blue pairs are so chic and smart, yet would look brilliant dressed down with a casual tee tucked in, and the printed ones are pretty much my dream trousers right there!

The blazer and the longline cardigan are gorgeous cover ups for this time of year, and just what I need while living on the coast (it's never hot up here!)
The striped dress is perfect for holidays and the other dress is just stunning with the whispy lilac fabric, I just need an invite to a christening or wedding so that I can justify needing that one.

It came as no surprise to me that I wanted all of the bags on the website, but the three above are definitely firm favourites (I think the blue one will be on my arm in the near future) and ironically for anyone who knows me and my style, I am loving the printed trainers too... maybe they'll even encourage me to hit the gym again, it's been a while.

Are you loving M&S as much as I am these days?
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