Monday, 30 May 2016

The Clubhouse Liverpool One

Last month I spent a few days in Liverpool exploring the city, seeing the sights and of course partaking in lots of eating and drinking; let me introduce you to The Clubhouse, my favourite place we ate that weekend.

Located on the rooftop of Liverpool One at Chavasse Park, it's in the perfect central location wether you're popping in with family after a wander around the shops or if you're meeting your girlfriends for a cocktail or three with a view!

The Clubhouse is a Hampton's style pub with it's own all year round outdoor kitchen with BBQ and rotisserie in the beautiful gardens which surround the building, so if alfresco dining is your kind of thing, you will love it here, especially if the sun is shining. I can really see this being the place to be in Liverpool throughout the Summer... I just wish that I lived closer!
If you're familiar with places such as The Botanist or The Alchemist, the interior style and menu will look somewhat familiar to you as this is owned by the same people; The New World Trading Company. 
The restaurant has two floors and is all decorated around an American beach house theme... It actually feels as though you are in someone's house! There's a huge staircase leading upstairs with a very grand chandelier made of champagne flutes hanging down, there's also book cases, arm chairs and beautiful photographs allover the walls - it's so busy, you feel like you have to keep looking around as not to miss out on anything.

We were greeted at the door by a really friendly waitress and seated upstairs (even though it was sunny, it was a little too windy to eat outside unfortunately) in the part of the restaurant with a nautical, beach hut theme, with pastel beach style murals on the walls, life-bouys, replica sailing boats, blue and white striped seating and the patio style doors leading out to the terrace balcony - I could have really made myself at home!
The drinks menu is amazing... featuring a myriad of world beers, ales and siders plus classic cocktails, wines and champagne, it can take a while to decide what you're drinking! I ordered a virgin mojito (my fave) which was specially made for me as there aren't any mocktails on the menu and Robbie got a can of Beerlao.

The food menu is really diverse, it's simple food done well. There are snacks galore, classic club sarnies, deli boards and salads plus rotisserie chicken, BBQ steaks and burgers, kebabs, pies and so much more, plus a delicious sounding list of desserts (I will try the chocolate chip cookie dough next time I visit!)
Myself and Robbie ordered the chicken hanging kebabs with sweet chilli and ginger with chips which were beyond delicious and Elodie chose chicken, mash and beans from the menu which was served in a cute little crate with the chicken in a bucket and the beans in a shell - she loved this and ate it all up!
Elodie was the only one who could manage to squeeze in a dessert and chose her usual; chocolate ice cream which came in a bucket with ginger biscuit crumb sand with white chocolate covered raisin pebbles - The finishing touches and extra care taken with all of this really made all the difference, she thought it was a huge treat.

I can't shout about The Clubhouse enough, the service was second to none, prices are very affordable,  they accommodated Elodie wonderfully (which is always a big bonus when you're dining with children) and the food was excellent quality. If I'm back in Liverpool anytime soon, you will most definitely find me here sitting in a deck chair sipping a cocktail!
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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide

I hate buying presents for men... who doesn't? They're just impossible to buy for, and with Father's Day just under a month away it's started to play on my mind a bit!

I'm not usually one for being prepared this far in advance, but the fact I have two people to buy for (my Dad and Robbie from Elodie) means it's double the stress, so I've decided to start looking and planning early... Well, early for me!
19th June is the big day, so if you need a few ideas for what to buy the man who has everything, hopefully some of these ideas will help you out.

If your Dad is a bit of a softy who likes a drink, he will love this engraved pint glass with it's cute Dad/Daughter message, plus if it's something he will use, you really can't go wrong. Fill it up with his favourite sweets before you wrap it up or buy him a bottle of his favourite beer to go alongside it and he will be happy.
For the man who has everything and loves a gadget is the present I have bought for My Dad (let's hope he's not reading this!); a tube wringer, which in my opinion is a genius idea! Who gets sick of the men around the house moaning that they can't get the last bit of toothpaste or tomato puree out of the tube?.. Well problem solved with this little gadget, waste not want not!

If you're a last minute kind of person like I usually find myself being (always completely unintentionally) run along to your local Lush store and check out the range of Lush Father's Day Products... There is something for every budget, soaps, bath bombs and gift sets which of course come pre-wrapped, so there's even less hassle. Trust me, any man will enjoy a Lush bath, and if he's says he won't, he's lying!

Another gadget type gift which I love is a Shower Squid... Something I am definitely considering buying for Robbie as I am sick of picking up all of his bottles and tubes from the bottom of the bath after he's been in. This grips onto shampoo, shower gel, anything you need it to really and keeps everything tidy and together... Every woman needs to buy one of these for their man! It's a fun idea which Elodie will love to gift him, but it definitely serves a purpose too.

If your Dad is into his food and cooking, I love the idea of a Himalayan Salt BBQ Plank as a gift, especially if he likes to show off in the kitchen. They're really quirky and different, perfect for BBQ season and definitely not something he will guess you're going to buy for him. This can be chilled to help keep food cold, used to prep food and add salt to your ingredients or as a serving platter.

One of my favourite gifts if you're from a big family is a set of personalised family mugs! You can select skin tone, hair colour, clothes and names you want to appear on each mug and are given a cartoon character of each person in the family. Although this is kind of a gift for everyone, I'm sure any Dad would appreciate these, they're so cool and if mugs aren't your first choice, there are lots of similar ideas on the Uncommon Goods site.
Another personalised gift is a Travel Stub Diary, you could collect your Dad's travel tickets, photos etc and fill this in for him to look back on holidays and places he's visited or leave it blank for him to fill up himself - I think anything that's taken a bit of thought is always a winner.

What are you buying for your Dad this year?
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vita Liberata Marula Self Tan Dry Oil

Let's face it, taking care of your skin and protecting it against harmful sun rays is always important but it's worth a mention right now even more so than usual, as May 2016 is Sun Awareness Month.

Vita Liberata have timed the launch of their new self tanning dry oil perfectly to advertise more awareness with the launch. The Marula Self Tan Dry Oil is unlike any other self tanner I have used as it includes SPF 50 plus UVA and UBV protection and is the world's first ever self tanning oil to include the benefits of sun protection.

When I go out in the sun I always use protection, however if I'm tanning my body, it would never cross my mind to wear sun cream too... Seems silly when I think about it, but it has honestly never been something I have thought about. However now I can tan and protect my skin at the same time, as Vita Liberata say; Tan, Treat & Protect!

Marula Oil contains organic ingredients which will condition and nourish the skin on application, therefore offering a skincare regime while the oil tans and protects the skin. It also has anti ageing and hydrating benefits, being 4 times more hydrating than Argan Oil and containing 4 times more Vitamin C than oranges - this is definitely somewhat of a wonder product.
The dry oil also contains cucumber which acts as an anti-inflammatory and calms the skin, neroli which tones and tightens the skin, lemongrass to temporarily firm the skin and tighten pores and coconut to moisturise.

Being so pale skinned, I often reach for tanning products to give myself a little more confidence and to make myself feel better when getting my legs or arms out (no body wants to see my milk bottle white pins). With this being a liquid tanner, it takes a little bit of extra concentration for applying, luckily the bottle only dispenses a small amount at a time so it's hard to spill, however you have to be quick as not to get too messy. When using a tanning mit I found it quite easy to apply as the oil can be buffed into the skin in circular motions which helps to achieve a really even tan.

Not only does this smell really good; the lemongrass and coconut ingredients really dominate the scent (no biscuit smell here!) but it feels lovely to apply. As I suffer from dry skin not just on my face, it's really quite cooling and satisfying to apply to my body too, honestly believe me when I say this is THE tanning product for anyone with dry skin.
As soon as I have applied the oil, my skin instantly looks bronzed and glowy and feels so much softer than usual with no tightness or itchiness which I sometimes suffer from with fake tan.
I was happy to find that this isn't sticky at all and doesn't feel too wet... It seems to sink into the skin and dry really quickly. The oil can be left on the skin for between one and eight hours to let the tan develop and you are left with a bronzed yet natural finish after showering. I have experimented by leaving this firstly for just two hours, where I was left with a natural amount of colour and for the full eight hours where I was left looking really bronzed, but still a completely natural shade.

Vita Liberata say that this tan is a gradual tan which will last up to ten days and can be built up to create the desired look. I would say that my tan started to go a little patchy on my legs after around 7 days, however this could be down to the fact that it's been pretty hot here recently and I don't cope well in the heat! 

I also have to add how much I love the packaging, the frosted glass bottle which shows off the beautiful liquid inside looks really luxurious and feels amazing to hold, even the box is pretty with it's purple/greige background and rose gold text... It's definitely a product to display on your dressing table!

You can buy the Marula Self Tan Dry Oil direct from Vita Liberata for £39.00 and currently you will receive two free products with your purchase; Micro Super Fine Skin Polish and Micro Moisture Boost.
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