Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue

Rosie Fortescue from Made In Chelsea has teamed up with Nailed London to create a line of nail polishes exclusive to Harvey Nichols and Feel Unique.
Usually when a celebrity puts their name to a product there's that little bit of doubt that the product isn't going to be great, but let me clear this up straight away... The polishes are described as 'luxury to go the distance', they are all formulated with a gel finish so they look amazing and really last on the nails.

Rosie had a lot of say in the collaboration, as a self confessed nail polish addict, she made sure the ingredients, colours and even the brush were all perfect. After a year and a half designing and working on the polishes they are finally available in an amazing 28 colours plus 4 glitters and a top and base coat, there are nudes, reds, pastels... everything you could need, and they're super affordable too (starting at £7 each).

I was sent three colours and a base coat to try out;
'Fashionista' a very dark blue/grey shade, named perfectly as dark nails are the must have beauty accessory to match up with any outfit this time of year. This is my favourite of the three shades, it appears slightly different in most lights and really and is just so wearable - I love it! On a night out this looks really classy and for daytime it gives an edgy vibe to an outfit, it just works.

'Sky's The Limit' a bright blue which will add a pop of colour and an impression of confidence to any look. This is a shade I will reach for more in the warmer months or for a night out with an all black outfit so it really stands out.

'Berry Sexy' a classic cranberry-red shade which is definitely sexy and will work day to night for any desired look. A favourite Winter shade of mine when it comes to nails, clothes, accessories... this always looks chic and against my mainly monochrome Winter wardrobe, this adds that much needed rich colour to complete the look. It's always nice to be able to coordinate your nails with your bag/shoes/lipstick and this colour makes that really easy to achieve.

I have to say I was much more impressed with the quality if these polishes than I expected to be, they apply so smoothly and easily, and with the two darker shades, one coat is enough for full opaque colour payoff and perfect nails. The polish dries within a minute, which is always a bonus, and the glossy finish once dry is like nothing I have seen before, there is a real luminosity from within with these polishes, which is usually unachievable from a simple bottle of nail polish. Rosie hit the nail on the head with the design of the brush too, it fans out to give complete smooth and even coverage to the whole nail in one go.

I'm definitely going to be adding a few more shades into my collection... I've got my eye on some of the glitters next!
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Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Bronze with Seventeen

Being super pale, I like to add a little bronze to my skin and I love a little bit of a glow. It's easier in the Summery months to style it and wear it correctly, but in the Winter it can be harder to make it look natural...
I was sent a few pieces from Seventeen to play about with and I was so impressed with how they look on the skin, they have become some of my most reached for products recently!

Skin Wow! Tan Liquid Glow: I knew I was going to like this as I am such a huge fan of the original highlight version. It's another multi-use product which can be worn alone, underneath foundation, mixed with a foundation to add a bit of colour and glow, or applied on top as a dewy/bronze highlight, the latter being my favourite option. It's quite highly pigmented, and can be built up to give a really golden shine to the skin (I can't wait to wear this in the Summer on top of my fake tan), but when applied lightly with your fingertips or a beauty blender, this can give the perfect natural glow to even the palest of skin tones.

Cheek Stamp Blush 'Bashful': Initially I thought this was going to be a bit of a novelty product, but in fact, it's really handy and a bit of a must have for the handbag! The packaging is really cute and quirky, with the mirror on the lid of the pot, and the simple twist opening where the sponge pad which can be used to apply the blush with, sits into the product which is in the lid... when you're on the move a lot, this is really useful, although personally I choose to use a brush to apply when I'm in the house. The blush itself is a finely milled powder, which is made to be 'stamped' onto the cheek and then blended out, there's plenty of pigmentation and it blends easily for a lovely flush of colour. Available in five different shades, I received Bashful which is a pale, peachy brown.

Define & Conquer Contour Kit: It's a close call, but I think this is my favourite of the three products... it's definitely the one which impressed me the most. I'm a huge fan of contouring, and have tried endless products, and this is up there with the best of them. The powder's are silky to touch on the skin and in the pan, and they translate flawlessly when applied to the skin to give a natural, seamless finish, much like some of the high end countering products I have used.
The bronze is completely matte, and although it is quite a red toned contour, it gives a realistic yet bronzed shadow to the skin. The highlight is also quite matte, it's not going to give a shiny glow to the skin, yet it gives real uplift and contrasts against the contour perfectly. The packaging is also really sleek, with a nice big mirror inside the lid... very Nars-esque!

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Wonderbra Glam

Well there you go, I didn't quite expect the first photo of me on my blog in 2016 to be me in my bra, but damn, it's a good bra! I love me some good underwear... and Wonderbra always deliver. There's definitely something rewarding about wearing high quality underwear which just makes you feel so much better about yourself, especially when it matches.

I am wearing the Glam clear pink push up bra and bottoms, both of which are really sophisticated and elegant with the satin fabric and intricate lace detailing on the bottoms, the bra itself and on the straps - my favourite little extra of all, I feel some kind of glamour when I wear this set, like it's something really special.
The straps are almost too pretty to hide and justifies a loose fitting jumper which will every now and then slip off the shoulder or a spaghetti strapped top to wear with this... I used to be really paranoid about hiding what was underneath my clothes, if a strap showed, it was a no-go, but these days my underwear is usually more fancy than what's actually on top!

Of course with Wonderbra there is added uplift, this has push up enforcements which give amazing cleavage, support and hold and to top it all off, it's insanely comfortable! Gone are the days when you feel as though the prettiest of bras are the least practical, this has it all and I would happily wear this everyday... I'm definitely going to overhaul my underwear drawer now!
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