Sunday, 21 September 2014

Pink Hair

The pastel hair trend is one I have wanted to partake in for quite a while now, but that little voice inside my head keeps telling me that I am too old. Still it has kept niggling at me... I've toyed with the idea of just dip dying my hair slightly with a faded lilac colour but I really don't want to be 'that Mam' and embarrass Elodie when I collect her from school!

Fear not though fellow oldies who want to give it a try, or even if you're just too scared to whack the coloured dye on... I have found a solution! Label M have released a line of pastel coloured hair sprays and as soon as I got my hands on the Powder Pink Spray I couldn't wait to give it a go.

Don't worry, it's nothing like the sticky horrible colour hair sprays they used to sell in pound shops years ago, this is much more subtle and a lot less drying on the hair. I simply spray the ends of my hair and then lightly spray a little higher up towards my face to give a gradual fade to the colour. I then brush through the area I've sprayed partly to make the hair softer (the spray leaves a slight crunch to the hair if not brushed, just like any hairspray would) and also to tone down the colour slightly. If you want to achieve real brightness, simply brush less or not at all.

It's such a quick and easy way to enjoy the trend, and after one hair wash it's completely gone - perfect!
I'm going to try purple next!
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Friday, 19 September 2014

Lush D'Fluff

I don't think I've ever spoken about shaving on here before... although everyone does it, it's a little bit of an awkward subject maybe, but still, I wanted to share this wonderful product on here.
I'm a fan of Lush as a general rule, I do have my favourites but there has never been anything I didn't like, from the shower gels to the makeup, it all gets a thumbs up from me.

This is a product that I'm seriously raving about though, it was love from first use and now I'm almost at the bottom of the tub I will definitely be going back to purchase a bigger one.
As the name suggests, this smells like strawberries, something along the lines of strawberry milkshake to strawberry cheesecake, it definitely smells good enough to eat and very sweet which probably comes from ingredients such as coconut oil, golden syrup, organic cocoa butter, maple sugar, vanilla absolute and of course the fresh strawberries... now do you see why I want to eat it?!

I have suffered for years with sensitive skin, and the majority of shaving products I use leave me with a rash and very itchy skin, this however leaves my skin feeling smoother than ever, really nourished and moisturised and for some reason I feel as though it gives me the closest shave I've ever had even though my razor hasn't changed.

The texture of this is unlike anything I have used before, it's a light, whipped mousse kind of consistency and a little bit goes a very long way, which means that even this small tub has lasted me a really long time. When applied to wet skin it lathers up quickly and shaving is just so much nicer.
This can be used on the legs, underarms and even the face (although that's probably for the boys) and if you don't need to shave, just have a wash with it... it will leave you smelling delicious!
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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Current Wishlist

I haven't written a wish list post in a while (which actually surprises me, as I'm ALWAYS internet window shopping), so I have decided to fill a gap in my blog with my current wants, lusts and must haves!

The first thing I can't stop thinking about is the amazing Marc Jacobs watch from Market Cross Jewellers. I've wanted a rose gold watch for so long now, but I didn't want to go along the same route as every blogger and her nan and buy the Michael Kors one. This works as a perfect alternative with the rose gold case against the contrasting white bracelet. I love how the rose gold works with the white silicone, it gives a really edgy and cool vibe to the watch, yet it's still wearable for nighttime or a more dressed up look. I always think that a watch is an investment too, so it's worth treating yourself to a special watch that you're going to be able to wear for years. 

I also have my eye on the perhaps tacky, yet still pretty cool unicorn tee from New Look... I don't really know why I want this one and if I do get it, I'll probably only wear it for bed, but I just like it and for £9.99 I think I'll probably end up with this one in the very near future! 

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen me mention this lipstick on several occasions! It's been on my mind for a while now, and I really really want to give it a try. It's 'Lost Cherry' from the Matte Revolution range by Charlotte Tilbury. Described as a 'luminous modern-matte' it just sounds incredible and like something I really want on my lips! The colour is a really unique red/coral shade which I know I'd wear all year round and I just feel like I need something from Charlotte Tilbury in my makeup collection even for days when I'm not wearing it, so I can just look at it!

I can't seem to make a wish list without including a dress... this particular one is from Warehouse and I was initially drawn to it because of the colour. I love baby pink for Winter, and I think it looks really chic when paired with black or grey. Now that I've stared at it for longer than ten seconds I also love the shape and structure of the dress, the double layering and the nipped in waist will be really flattering and I can see this as a very wearable piece for me to wear with oversized coats and boots throughout Winter. 

Speaking of boots, how amazing would these grey beauties from Jones Bootmaker look teamed with the dress?! The perfect pair! They're so simple, which makes them even more useable throughout the AW season and because they're a neutral shade they will go with pretty much anything (and they also come in black). I love that they have a slight heel and the fact that it's chunky just means that they will be easier to walk in when the snow arrives! I think every girl deserves a new pair of boots each year!

I'm completely drawn to the iridescent clutch bag from Oasis... it's unlike anything else I own but I just loved it from the minute I saw it. The colour reminds me of mermaids tails and would make the bag the perfect statement accessory to use with a plain or monochrome outfit for day or night time wear. It has a shoulder strap too, so it's very changeable and adaptable, plus it's leather! It just ticks all the boxes.
(Listen to me trying to convince myself that I need everything on this list!)

Last up is a new blush from my go-to brand for blushers; Illamasqua. This is Naked Rose from the new Once collection and it's a powder blusher described as a neutral beige pink. I haven't swatched this in real life yet, but I've seen a few blog posts about it and I love what I've seen. Illamasqua blushes are always really pigmented and they can be worn in so many ways, so I don't doubt that I will love this when I finally do get to have a play with it. I love to wear neutral and natural shades in the colder months, built up quite a lot on my cheeks to contrast with my pale skin... it can give a really natural yet different look. 

What are you lusting after at the moment?
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