Monday, 22 June 2015

Festival Fashion With Matalan

Entire Outfit: Matalan

When Matalan challenged me to style a festival inspired outfit, I couldn't have been more excited. Festival style is one of my favourite genres of fashion... I love the prints, the layering and the quirky accessories, it's such a fun way to dress!
With £50 to spend on an outfit, you may think it would be difficult to create a full ensemble, but Matalan is SO affordable, I managed to throw in a bag and shoes too.

My first choices for the outfit were the daisy print cami and the denim shorts, everyone knows by now how much I love my black and white, so these ticked all the boxes for me... the shorts are comfy and practical, I'd always choose shorts over skirts for festivals (who knows when you're going to have to sit on someone's shoulders to watch your favourite band?!) and the vest is girly but bold, ideal for a festival.
A must have for a festival is a kimono, I doubt anyone attends a festival without one these days. I chose this gorgeous crochet hem one in a khaki green colour, which I have to point out, only costs £8, bargain of the year right there! 
To accessorise the outfit I chose some black wellies with quilted tops, much needed for a festival and also super stylish and a cross body fringed bag, which is the perfect size to hold all your festival necessities and is secure with its zip fastening. 

I still can't believe how cheap this outfit was to put together... all I need now is a few more braids in my hair and some coloured eyeliner then I'm ready to go!

Are you going to a festival this year... What will you be wearing?
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Friday, 19 June 2015

How To Pick Underwear For Your Homecoming Gown

You have the perfect homecoming gown, the ideal shoes, so what are you going to wear under your dress?

Image by William Klos

This might seem pretty trivial when shopping for homecoming dresses, but it’s actually really important. No one wants bra straps and panty lines peeping through and taking attention away from your gorgeous gown.

If you’ve chosen a halter or strapless homecoming gown, the best thing to do is get a sticky bra. A lot of lingerie and chain stores stock them and while it might feel a bit strange initially, it won’t fall or lose its stickiness no matter how much dancing you do.

If you’re considering thick strapped homecoming dresses for sale, a normal bra will be just fine. Just remember to try it in on before you buy, especially if the straps are crisscross or racer back.

And if your dress is low-cut, you’ll need some double-sided fashion tape. It’s also a good idea to dance about a little bit when trying your undergarments on to make sure everything remains in place.

If you’re pondering about buying silky homecoming dresses for sale with simple silhouettes and V-neck fronts, you’ll want a plunge-style bra. This type of undergarment won’t peek out the top of the plunging neckline. You can pair the bra with a pair of girl briefs with higher lace waist to avoid underwear peeping between high slits and for greater comfort. 

Image by Steve Dean via Flickr 

What about a cross-back homecoming gown? Well, backless and cross backs have become pretty popular so the best type of bra for these styles is, again, a stick on type. Seamless adhesive bras will remain in place all night long but do avoid slathering on lotions or perfumes where the bra is going to stick. Many of the sticky bras clip together in from giving you extra support and comfort and you can then angle the cups however you like before placing the clips. As for underwear for these types of homecoming dresses, stick to something that doesn’t have a lot of fuss and seams. 

Maybe you’d rather wear a sequin-type short dress? They’re great for showing off legs and shoulders and for additional shape, you can wear push-up bras. For short dresses, be sure to wear a fuller panty so on the off-chance your dress rides up, you won’t be bearing all to everyone around. Full coverage doesn’t have to be boring as there are loads of pretty styles available. 

Image by Lukasz Dunikowski via Flickr

One shoulder dresses can be difficult to accessorise and while they offer a fair bit of coverage, they can still be sheer. You can match a strapless bra to your skin tone for these types of gowns and even choose a bra with a slight push up for extra volume. 

For one shoulder, bare back homecoming dresses, you’ll definitely need an adhesive bra. Try looking for a style with extra tabs on each side for additional security and comfort. You can match your underwear to your dress but be sure to choose completely seamless. 

What about curves?
If you’re a little curvy and worried about rocking a strapless homecoming gown, there’s no need to worry. You can opt for a gorgeous plus size gown and pair it with the perfect undergarments. For fuller busts, choose strapless bras with moulded cups and higher centres. The sturdy back will keep your breasts lifted and keep them in place while you dance the night away. As for thigh and tummy shaping, Spanx are the way to go. If that’s not your style, a pretty pair of underwear will help you feel confident and comfortable.

Image by chad rogers via Flickr

Finally, if halter homecoming dresses are what you’re considering, keep in mind that a traditional bra strap is going to show in the back. A halter bra or well-fitted strapless bra with a strap worn around the neck can do the trick. Choose smooth bra cups and go for low-rise girl shorts to avoid any lines showing. 

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Friday, 12 June 2015

Spring Flowers At Debenhams

Now that I've moved into my new house, I've developed a bit of an obsession of having fresh flowers in the house. They're such a great way of adding a little extra colour to your room, they provide a great focal point and I always feel that flowers instantly give the impression that you take real pride in your home, especially this time of year!

There's something extra special about sending or receiving flowers by post, if you want to send some as a surprise or even anonymously, ordering online this way is the perfect option and to receive some in the post is always a really unexpected treat.
The Debenhams website has a huge selection of bouquets of all varieties of flowers, some themed by colour, some by season and some by occasion... there really is something to suit anyone's home decor or personal taste, and even better, if you're looking for a last minute gift or if you've forgotten someone's birthday, there is such a thing as next day flowers... the delivery is super speedy and everything comes wonderfully and safely packaged.

Tulips have been my favourite flowers since I was a little girl with a plastic watering can in my Grandparents back garden, so to receive this bright and beautiful selection and to have them in my living room for a week made me really happy and brought back some treasured memories.

If you fancy treating yourself or a loved one to a beautiful bouquet, you can get 25% off by using the discount code exclusive to That's Peachy readers: DFBLOG25 at the checkout when ordering your flower delivery on the Debenhams website. 
The only flowers exempt from this offer are the 'flowers by post' range.
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