Has anyone else been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christopher Kane's range in Topshop?
Well, I have, I saw some of the collection for the first time yesterday and I have to say, I'm a little disappointed. 

Even though the majority of the pieces are very 'now', I find the a lot of the clothes too edgy to be wearable, or just not really worth the inflated price on their tag, though I have read his designs usually sell for a lot more than the Topshop prices! (I also have to bare in mind I haven't seen the clothes in real life yet, only in photographs, so my opinion might change).

He has produced some nice neon items, but they all look a bit like they are from last season, or older to me, and some of the simpler items are really nice, like the lace insert dresses and the beaded dresses, but they are very overrated in my opinion. They look like the kind of thing you could create yourself with a cheap Primark dress, a few beads and a needle & thread. The majority of people will most likely disagree with me, but I really was expecting a more diverse range.

My least favourite items are the crocodile print dresses and tops (above), I just don't like anything about them... and I know they're pretty much Kane's trademark, but they don't do anything for me! I also think the high waisted knickers and studded bodycon dresses are ugly; they remind me of things that Lady Gaga would wear, and personally that isn't someone I would want to dress or look like!

I do however like the bag from the collection I have seen. It's massive with metal eyelets all over, and there are a pair of jeans (below) and a denim jacket to match which I think are really cool too and will probably be the 'must-have items' from the collection. 

Kane says he was keen to give the pieces "an element of detail that would make it feel non-high street", and he has... personally however, I just don't think that is such a good thing.