1. Rihanna
To me, Rihanna isn't always the best dressed... as in, I wouldn't wear what she wears the majority of the time... her taste in fashion / her stylist's choices aren't my style at all. However, I generally think she always looks great. She's very beautiful, with a great figure and her image is really cool. This is why I was so shocked to see her looking such a state recently! Her hair - I don't even know where to start... I think the blonde streaks look awful, cheap and make her hair look greasy. Why would she do it?! Maybe Hopefully it's like that just for some photo shoot or something, because the look really isn't working for her (although I think the sunglasses are amazing). The pictures don't make me believe the rumours she's secretly dating Justin Timberlake either, I doubt he'd be feeling the look too much either! She should be looking her best at the moment, and showing Chris Brown what he's missing!

2. Nicola Roberts
The outfit probably most talked about from the red carpet of this year's London Fashion Week... I don't like it. I just don't think it's flattering for her figure, colouring or image. She always comes across as such a nice girl, and I know at this kind of event she would be wanting to step away from her 'girl next door' image she has in Girls Aloud, and maybe take on a more 'high fashion' image... I don't think she has gone in the right direction at all though. The top reminds me of old fashioned christmas decorations and makes her look a bit too 'try hard' in my opinion. I do think it's a shame though, because I love how she has started to embrace her skin colour, hair colour etc without being fake.