It's my birthday this Sunday, and with Christmas fast approaching, I haven't been able to help myself from looking online at things I would love to get this year...

A Sewing Machine - I'm hooked on the tv show Project Runway at the moment and it's made me really want to start making clothes!

An IPhone - I've had my BlackBerry for about three years now, I think I'm about due an upgrade.

Wii and Wii Fit - Looks like a fun way to lose weight!

Glamour Magazine Subscription

The new Ronan album - LOVE him <3

The new Westlife album

A new pair of Uggs - I already have four pairs, I love them so much!!

Jlo Miami Glow - my favourite perfume! They stopped making it a few years ago and I was gutted, but they have re-released it... I definately need some!

Vera Wing Princess - sooo much nicer than Rock Princess!

Jade Goody book - I loved Jade, can't believe she's gone :(

Katie Price new book - haven't read this one yet, I love her others

Ant & Dec book

I usually get money, so I'm looking forward to a little shopping trip to buy some of these things!
What are you asking for this year?