I haven't shopped on ASOS for ages now, so last night I had a cheeky little look!
These are the things I wish I hadn't seen, because now I really really want them...

I really wanted the lace crop top that Topshop released in the summer, but because I was pregnant, I didn't buy it. This really reminds me of that, and the skirt part of the dress is really cute! £38

This is so simple, yet so pretty! I love bows at the moment aswell. They also do this in blue with cream bows. A bargain at only £26

I love florals and I love stripes, so yes, I love this dress! I really like how the skirt part looks high waisted £35

So cute!! I work in Outfit and we have to dress all in black, I'd love this for work...if I could get away with the white edging! £40

More lace for me! Such a pretty cardigan, it looks great with this black vest and jeans, but I bet you could really dress it up aswell! Quite expensive, but a girl can dream! £45

Can't beat a white tee... I love the sketchy heart on it! £16

More stripes! I loved the nautical trend a few years back, and I'm loving it even more now! £25

A copy of the designer perfume vest, I don't usually like blatant rip offs but I think this is really pretty, and it's cheap! £18

I've wanted a quilted bag forever! £15

My bag of dreams! Soft black leather, and I love the zips and studded straps! Mmmmmmmmmm!

Just need to win the lottery now! haha