I thought I'd do a bit of a random post...

Ten random facts about me!
1. I have a four month old daughter called Elodie. She is amazing and means the world to me. I couldn't imagine my life without her.

2. I work at Topshop. It's not as great as I imagined it to be, however the discount definately helps!

3. I live on a farm, we have five horses, cats, ducks and geese. I love the animals, and have been riding since I was tiny, although I don't really have the time for it at all anymore. It's great living in a house with no neighbours, with all the land around us. Only thing I don't like is that I have to drive anywhere I want to go, there's nowhere in walking distance.

4. I love reality tv. Big Brother, Dancing On Ice, X Factor, Strictly Come Dancing, Project Runway, Britains Next Top Model etc... I'm hooked on them all!

5. I have one tattoo, but no piercings!
The tattoo is on the inside of my right wrist. I had it done about two years ago, and I loved it at the time... I hate it now :( I just think I should have gone to a better tattooist, it looks crap to me. It says 'Robbie' my boyfriend's name, I love that part. I definately want more aswell, it's very true that tattoos are addictive. My next one will be my daughter's name, although I haven't decided where I want it yet, and I know for sure I'm not going to rush into this one.
As for piercings, when I was 15 I went to get my bellybutton pierced, but chickened out when I saw the size of the needle. I think I'm going to get my ears pierced this year though, I keep seeing pretty earrings I want to own.

6. I'm a big football fan, I was brought up going to the local Darlington FC matches with my Dad, and was even the mascot once (we won 7-3. I must have been lucky!) For about ten years though, I have supported Newcastle. I don't remember exactly when, but I know I saw Alan Shearer play and was instantly a fan. I try to go to the matches as often as possible.

7. My favourite singer is Ronan Keating. I've loved Boyzone since they very first started out and I was so happy when they got back together a few years ago. I have been to see them five times since then, and had been countless times before they split in 2000. I'm going to see Ronan live again next month and I can't wait!!

8. I spend almost all of my spare money on clothes... I have so many things still with the tags on, it's a really bad addiction - my boyfriend goes mad... oops!

9. The best holiday I ever had was to Disneyland in Florida when I was six. I definatley want to take my daughter there when she's older! I've been to Disney Paris with my boyfriend too... it's amazing there aswell!

10. When I was about 14 I used to collect TY Beanie Babies, and I now have about 300 of them! I was only collecting for a coupleof years, and at the time everyone thought they were going to end up being worth alot of money. Right now, they're worth nothing - gutted lol!

I tag you all to do one of these lists :)