Just thought I would do this daft little favourites quiz... I tag you all to do it too :)

Colour - blue or purple....hmmm, blue if i had to pick one.
Animal - horses (but I love all my pets, and I really want a dog!)
Band - Boyzone
Singer - Ronan Keating
Song - Oh gosh, I don't think I could choose! I like way too many. At the moment it's Boyzone 'Gave It All Away' (it's so sad RIP Stephen xx) but I love so many different kinds of music, I could never choose one song.
Film - at the moment it's Taken, but favourite ever would probably be Clueless
Food - roast dinners, especially the roast potatoes mmmm!
Drink - Diluted orange and pineapple juice
Restaurant - Joe Rigatonis (a local Italian, I always order crab ravioli and it's delishhh!)
Shop - Topshop
Website - Blogger, Youtube and Twitter
Magazine - Glamour
Sport - Football
Team - Newcastle United
TV Programme - Friends
Place - London, I just love it there!
Season - Winter. I don't like hot weather, I just get a headache, get sweaty and moody lol! Winter's my season, I love the cold and getting wrapped up, especially when it snows. I don't even mind the rain aslong as I've got a hat or an umbrella, but I do hate the wind.
Beauty Product - mascara
Hair Product - if straighteners count, definatley my GHD's because I can do allsorts with my hair with them. If they don't count, then my hair spray!
Make Up brand - Benefit
Perfume - omg I actually love loads, and I could reel off a list of about twenty right now, but I won't. My number 1 perfume is... Jade Goody 'Shh...'