As if it's 2010 already...
I remember waiting for the year 2000, it's making me feel old!

Has anyone made any resolutions this year?
I usually don't bother, because I usually find I've given up or cheated on them by the end of January at the earliest... however this year, I have made one.

Fair enough, it's a boring one, and probably the same as about another million people out there, but I really do want to lose weight.
Having had my first baby in September, I feel really out of shape.
I was lucky, I didn't put any extra weight on through the pregnancy, other than my bump, and I managed to escape without any stretchmarks (YEY!)
Still though, I know I need to tone up alot now.

I let myself eat what I wanted over Christmas, and now I'm being really good.
I'm keeping a food diary and trying to do an exercise DVD every day or two.
I never weigh myself though, I'm just aiming to make my size tens a bit of a nicer fit :)

Wish me luck!! x