I think you have probably guessed, I am late for everything, including writing on here... I apologise!

I had such a lovely Christmas!
It was our first with Elodie, Robbie cooked a massive, delicious dinner for us and there was so much snow... it couldn't have been better!

Our drive... we were snowed in for days!

My beautiful baby on her first Christmas

Pressies! Elodie got totally spoiled  :)

I thought I'd share some of my presents with you. I didn't actually ask for anything this year, as I wanted everyone to buy for Elodie rather than me... I still got some lovely things though!

Perfume! A girl can never have enough :) The Jade Goody Shh... is my favourite perfume ever, I was sooo happy to recieve this! I also love the Jennifer Lopez ones, especially Miami Glow, I was gutted when they discontinued it... it's great to see they've brought it out again!

Books! I love reading, so I was really happy with these, they will keep me going for a while!

DVD's... I LOVE Will& Grace, it's so funny!

Smellies :) I  love to have different things to use in the shower each day... these are so pretty too!

mmmmm... Champers!!

The usual little extras... mini make up brushes, hair grips, tights, socks, necklace and underwear! Christmas wouldn't be the same without them!

I also got money from both sets of Grandparents and My Dad (I will do a seperate blog entry on what I spent it on), and my boyfriend payed off my Topshop Staff card for me, got me a jacket (which I will show you with the rest of the clothes in my next entry, and he super surprised me with tickets to see Rihanna and Peter Andre in concert later in the year!! Wooo I can't wait <3