I love Britney Spears, always have, always will.
I was so excited to hear she was going to The Grammy's yesterday...

I had prepared myself for stunning Britney, in stunning dress, looking just stunning, but I was a bit dissappointed.

I think her outfit is really awful, it just looks like cheap crap (can you believe the dress part is D&G?!) and teaming it with the fishnet tights is a big no no. I like her brunette (as well as blonde), and think her hair looks kind of ok... her fringe looks a bit greasy though. It doesn't look like she's wearing much makeup and looks a bit pale.
She also seems to have gained a little weight, for this, I am not slagging her off, she's had two babies, she looks great (the press will no doubt slag her off for this because she isn't perfect Britney anymore) I do think she's not doing herself any favours with this ensemble though... it's a shame, I just want her to come back and make all the haters shut up!

I saw her in London last year and she was absolutley gorgeous, here... not so much. I hope she fires her stylist!
Most importantly though...forget the disaster outfit and the so-so hair...
She looks happy! SO happy!! Which makes me happy! I really hope if she marries Jason, they are happy forever, she definatley deserves it.