I don't get to shop in Lush very often, because it's pretty expensive. I was feeling like treating myself last week, so decided to get a couple of bits.

The main thing I wanted was this; the new Sweet Lips Lip Scrub (I also like the look of the Bubblegum one).
I suffer from terrible cracked lips in the cold weather, so I was seeing this as more of an investment than anything else hehe...

The first time I used it, my initial thoughts were that I had wasted my money. I didn't like the taste of it at all, and it is hard to avoid tasting the product. At £4.50, this is a much more expensive option than my usual lip scrub (using a toothbrush and then moisturising with my home made vasaline/brown sugar scrub) I was however impressed with the size of the pot, as you don't need much, I can see it lasting me a while.

I have continued to use the scrub all week, and my opinion is beginning to change. I have always loved the sweet chocolatey smell of it (I originally planned on buying the bubblegum version,but this smells so much nicer to me) and now I am beginning to like the taste. I think maybe the first few tastes of it I got weren't properly flavoured as they were from the lid of the pot, the mixed in scrub really does taste sweet and it'snot bad when you accidentally lick your lips. Most importantly however, I have noticed a massive improvement in my lips. Like I said, I have been suffering from dry cracked lips,thanks to this freezing winter we've been having here in the North East, and now they are beginning to return to their usual softer, smoother state :) I'm so relieved, this means I can start to wear my lipsticks again!

So my final verdict is, it's not a waste of money, it does taste (almost) as good as it smells and, it works!!