As a Benefit lover, I can't even believe today was the first time I tried one of their lipsticks.

Lady's Choice is a cream based lipstick, as opposed to their pearl lipsticks, and I think I have found a new favourite!

It is a full-finish lipstick, which claims to give 'the coverage and colour you've been looking for'.
I really love it.
It is, as it is called, very creamy, and so nice to apply and wear. It feels so smooth on my lips. The colour is beautiful, too. It's a pinky brown colour, very subtle and natural, I guess you could also class it as a dark nude.

It's very slim packaging, with the simple black and white design. Easy to carry around day to day.

I think it is perfect for an everyday colour, but could also be worn at night with bronzey coloured makeup.
You get 3grams for £13.00 - I think it is well worth it!

(I will add a swatch picture tomorrow)