I can't always afford Lush products, so when I spotted these products in Ethel Austin, I couldn't wait to give them a go!
I picked up a few items as they are so cheap and all sounded sooo yummy!
I can't remember the exact price of this, but I willlet you know when their site comes back online and I can check!

The first one I have tried is the Vanilla & Ice Cream Body Butter.
As soon as I had paid, all I wanted to do was take off the lid and smell it...
I wasn't disappointed!
It literally smells good enough to eat, it is very much like Vanilla icing kind of smell, and really reminds me of a cake shop I used to go to when I was little.
The consistancy isn't as thick as I imagined it would be, it's more like a moisturiser than body butter, but it didn't put me off.
I applied after my shower on the night, and could still smell it on my skin the next night.
My boyfriend even said he could smell it on me so it must have acted like a sort of perfume too - added bonus!
To apply, it's reallys mooth, really cooling, and sinks in nicely.
It's not greasy, but very moisturising on drier skin like my elbows and knees.
You also don't need much, a little bit spreads a long way!
Definately worth the money, I will buy again!
There are some delicious sounding ones in the range :)