Boyzone have released their new album, 'Brother' this week.

It is their first album as a 4 piece, following the tragic loss of band mate, Stephen Gately.
Stephen however, has vocals on two of the tracks on the CD.
Ronan has claimed that this album is very different from any of their previous releases, and he is right.
It is a completley different sound for Boyzone.
Gone are the slushy ballads, they have been replaced with a much more mature sound.
It's hard to describe the new music, but I can say how great it is!
You wouldn't really recognise it as Boyzone if you didn't know what you were listening to, other than for the sound of Ronan's distinctive vocals.
Mikey Graham takes lead vocals on a few songs and all band members sing a verse or two at somepoint, really well may I add!

The album is dedicated to Stephen's memory and he really would be so proud of it.
I urge you all to buy or download the CD and give it a go.
I honestly believe this music will bring in lots of new fans for Boyzone, so if you've never been a fan before, your opinion might change.

They are currently at number 2 in the charts, after only being on sale for two days (it doesn't officially chart until Sunday), and last I heard they are only 112 copies behind The Gorillaz who are at number one.
I really hope it makes it to number one, for Stephen and the rest of the boys, who I know would be so greatful and overwhelmed if this happened.

The CD is available to buy from HMV, Amazon, Play, iTunes etc...
Let me know if you've bought it, or plan to, and what you think of the tracks.