I've never done one of these posts before, but I love to read them, so thought I would jump on board!

*iPhone - I've had mine for a couple of months now, and I'm still loving it! I know alot of the girls who's blogs I read have recently got them too. I used to have a blackberry, but I think my iPhone is a million times better. I love how you can just download a new app anytime you want... it's like having a new phone all the time! What are your favourite apps?
*Glee - I'm addicted to this show. Yes it's cheesy, but thats the best thing about it! I love the music, and I think Finn is beautiful!
*Ronan Keating/Boyzone - They're back. My favourite band ever. I also went to see Ronan on his solo tour last week... he was amazing!
*New Followers! - I get so excited everytime I see I have a new follower on here, I feel so honoured knowing people want to read my blog!
*Twitter - I'm addicted (follow me! @tornumber9)

*Being skint - I'm on maternity leave at the moment, so my outgoing bills are the same, while my incoming money is pretty much none existant, it's rubbish. I want to go shopping so badly but I cant :(
*Dancing On Ice - This would have been on my in's list, but in the past two weeks my favourite couples have been voted out. I was supporting Mikey and Melanie, and Emily and Fred. I hardly think it's worth watching now. Although Hayley is amazing!! I think I want Kieron to win though, he seems like such a sweetie!
*Diets - I've put loads of weight on recently, it's because I'm sat in all the time with my baby, so I'm bored and picking at food all day. Dreading the diet, but it must start soon.