I bought my Benefit Smokin' Eyes kit a while ago, and realised I hadn't done a blog post about actually using it! I really love it and thought it was well worth the money I paid. It's the perfect size to carry around with you too, so if you need a touch up, you've got it all there in one little pack.
Anyway, onto the pics...
I was just going for a toned down daytime look here, I wasn't aiming for full on dark, smokey eyes.
I used the Smokin' Liner on my upper and lower lash lines.
I've got a small amount of brow zings wax on my eyebrows.
I used a fluffy brush to apply Pewter and Deep Charcoal eye shadows.
I highlighted the inner corner of my eye with Eye Bright.
I used a small amount of Pink Highlight eye shadow on my brow bone.
& finally I applied my trusty Bad Gal Lash mascara in black to my lashes.
Sorry for the really bad quality of these photos, I made the mistake of using my iPhone instead of my camera, so they're not great... I apologise.
This is the finished look :)