My boyfriend bought me the Benefit 'Celebutante' Personal Stylist Makeup Kit a while ago, and I absolutley adore it!

So I thought I would share it with you all :)

I'm doing this in two parts, as there are so many products to look at!
Firstly, as always with Benefit products, I love the packaging. It's so bright and pretty.
The lid of the box is magnetic too, so it won't pop open and have everything dropping out... that would be a nightmare!
The set contains the following;
*High Beam - luminescent complexion enhancer
*Benetint - rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
*Dallas - an outdoor glow for an indoor gal face powder
*I'm With The Band - lipgloss
*Lady's Choice - full finish lipstick
*No Competition - full finish lipstick
*Leggy - velvet eyeshadow
*Dandy Brandy - velvet eyeshadow
*Fluff Shadow/Talent Brush
It's such a great little set!
Anyway, onto the swatches...
First up, the lippies!
The top one is 'Ladys Choice' and the one underneath is 'No Competition'.
The swatches are the same way round
(I've swatched them quite heavily so you can see the colour propely)
This is the same lipsticks, just blended out a bit.
(Both photos here are without flash)
I absolutley love 'Ladys Choice'. It has become one of my favourite lipsticks.
The colour is really flattering for my skin tone, and it's so different to any other colours I own.
I'd describe it as a peachy brown colour.
'No Competition' is my darker, it's kind of a berry coloured red/brown.
I do like this, but I have to wear it quite pale, as I find it a little too dark for myself.
Both lipsticks are very good quality, very long lasting and really creamy.
This is a total bonus with lipsticks for me, as I hate it when they are drying on the lips.

Next, the eyeshadows!
(To the left are the eyeshadows (Dallas powder to the right))
Top - Leggy, Below - Dandy Brandy.
Eyeshadow swatches same way round
I wear both of these colours all the time.
I think they work really well with my brown eyes.
Again, like the lipsticks, they are very long lasting, and I hardly find myself having to touch up at all.
They are really highly pigmented, and not at all chalky, which I sometimes expect with eyeshadows.
Leggy is really shiny, and I often use it as a highlighter on my brow bone.
Both colours blend really nicely together and work great as a team!

Finally for this post, is Dallas!
This can be used as an allover face powder, bronzer or blusher.
It is a really warm, rich brown colour, great for the summer months to team up with a tan!
I love using this as a blusher, just to give myself a nice flush of colour.
I do find that I have to build up quite alot of product to get the full potential out of this product, but it is really easy to blend, so it's not a problem.

From these products, I would definatley repurchase Ladys Choice lipstick, and both eyeshadows.
I do like the others, but once I run out, I do think I can live without them.
I will review the rest of the products soon!