I'm not sure if this is a well known fact, but I've only just found out that Topshop are planning to launch their own makeup range.
The products are sceduled to launch in May this year, and will include basic make-up products, such as eye-shadows, eye pencils and skin tints.
They are planning to release between four and six limited edition seasonal ranges per year, which will be designed to complement and tie in with their latest fashion trends and collections.
The products are said to be ranging from £4 to £12. So, it's going to be pretty affordable.
Personally though, I'm sceptical at how good quality it's going to be.
Hopefully they have been working on it a long time, rather than just rushing out any old cosmetics.
If it's good stuff, I can see it being a really big thing!

What do you think?
Will you be intrigued to see and try out their cosmetics?