I very rarely shop in Primark, mainly because the only one near where I live is an absolute state! They never have anything decent in stock, half of the clothes are on the floor and I just can't be doing with the rude staff.
However, I went shopping in Newcastle last weekend, and thought it was the perfect opportunity to go and try to grab a bargain. I managed to get a few bits, so thought I would share them with you all!
Lace floral leggings - I have been after some floral leggings for a while, and I loved these as soon as I saw them, although I don't think I will be wearing them as they are... I will be wearing them ontop of black leggings.
Stripe Cardigan - I absolutley love this! It was only £10, so a complete bargain. I love the nautical trend and it's great to wear over a top and leggings, with 3/4 length sleeves - ideal for summer!
Floral tee - I'm pretty sure this is the same fabric as a vest Topshop had in store about a year ago! It's really pretty and very flattering. I like the ruffled sleeves/shoulders too! (They had this in brown and red - I wish I'd got that now also!)
Cute shirt dress with belt - I love this, I can picture it now teamed with leggings and boots. Its really thin, cool material, so it will be perfect if we ever get any hot weather.
Stripe Tunic - This is very similar to a few Topshop tunics I have (I'm sure you know which I am talking about). Again, loving the nautical trend, these are very easy and comfy to wear.
This is the back of the tunic, its got a big bow and a cut out section. So cute!

I also bought some of the cheapy £3 black leggings, but didn't take a photo, as they already have two holes in!