This is my first ever 'nails of the day' post.
I'm wearing Gosh number 549 - Holographic
Initally I absolutley loved this polish.
It's only takes two coats to get a good, even coverage, and it dries really quickly.
The colour is gorgeous. Its got a silver base, and then as you can see from the photos, in the light, it picks up colours of pink, blue, green and yellow etc... much like a hologram picture (hence the name!)
My only complaint, is that literally after a few hours, it started to peel away, from the tip of my nail. This was after no particular hard wear... I was just round the house.
After around 24 hours wear, the colour has started to go see-through on pretty much all of my nails and no nail is perfectly painted.
I still like this though, as it is so unique and eye-catching. 
Also, for only £5 from Superdrug, I guess I can't complain too much.