As I said in my Primark haul post, I went to Newcastle shopping last week, these are the few bits I got from Superdrug.
Firstly, the Gosh bits...
The infamous Holographic nailvarnish (from my previous blog post) and the lipstick that everyone and their sister owns... Darling, number 134.
If you read my NOTD post, you will know my views on the nail varnish, as for the lipstick, it's a gorgeous creamy, peachy nude colour, but it stinks!! It actually makes me feel sick, and when I'm wearing it, I can kind of smell/taste it. YUCK! Does anyone else have this problem?

Anyway... onto the Sleek stuff.
These were the products I was most excited about picking up, as we don't have any Sleek sections in our Superdrug's in the North East except for the Newcastle one (as far as I know... trust me, I've searched!)
I got the Gel Eyeliner Ink Pot in Dominatrix (Black) and I absolutley LOVE this! I don't think I will ever use another eyeliner now that I've got this. If you haven't tried it, get it!! I'm going to dedicate a post to this product tomorrow, so I will save the rest of my views for there.
As you can see, I also got the famous Face Contour Kit, in Light. I haven't used it to contour yet, but I've used the lighter side as a highlighter and it's lovely!
The inside packaging is so much nicer than the cardboard, plastic wrapping they use. They should ditch that. It makes it look cheap and nasty, which it isn't.
The little brush which comes with the eyeliner is really handy aswell, I expected it to be hard to use because it's so tiny, but I manage great with it.
Do you have any of these products? 
What are your views?