So, Cheryl Cole was voted the 'most inspirational woman of the decade'.
The poll was carried out by and was apparently voted for, because of her beauty and her success. Does this really make her inspirational?
Yes, she's gorgeous, one of the most gorgeous women known today, and I believe the majority of people would agree.
Her success… well yes, she's done very, very well for herself. Being voted into a girlband, who came to be the biggest girlband of our time, she's done especially well, when most people would argue she isn't really a very good singer. She's just got the look, and the personality which makes her likeable and popular, so really, she's hit lucky.
Don't get me wrong, I love Cheryl, I'm a big fan, especially coming from the North East myself, and I think she's done amazingly well for herself.
I wouldn't call her inspirational though. Definatley not the most inspirational woman. You can't forget she was charged with assault after punching a female toilet attendant in the face in a nightclub - not her best moment, but once, that was all that was associated with Cheryl… apparently now that is long forgotten. I also don't think she set a very good example when she originally took back her husband after he was caught out cheating on her, everyone was waiting for her to leave him, but she just let it slide and forgave him. Fair enough, she's left him now, but it just goes to show she was a fool for taking him back in the first place.

The top ten women voted for in the poll were as follows;
1. Cheryl Cole 
2. Dame Helen Mirren
3. Oprah Winfrey 
4. Jennifer Aniston
5. Katie Piper 
6. The Queen
7. J K Rowling
8. Sharon Osbourne
9. Kylie Minogue 
10. Amy Williams 

If that was the shortlist, my vote would go to Katie Piper. If you aren't sure who she is, she had acid thrown in her face by her boyfriend's friend… I'm sure you've heard the story. 
She's an inspiration for being so strong through what has happened to her. Katie's life will never be the same again, and I don't think I'm wrong in saying that many people would literally never want to be seen in public again. 
Katie's brought herself forward into the public eye to show her true bravery and to show people that you shouldn't have to hide away if you look different… it's what's inside that counts. I believe that is much more inspirational than hitting lucky on a reality tv show.
Speaking of reality tv, I think it's very surprising that Jade Goody didn't make the top ten. 
Jade would have been number 1 if I had comprised the list. Jade's story completely touched my heart. I was a fan since she was originally in Big Brother, but she became truly inspirational throughout her battle with cancer. 
A lot of people didn't agree with Jade filming herself and selling her story throughout her treatment, but she made it very clear that she was doing it for two reasons; to make as much money as she could before she died, so that she could leave it to her two son's, to pay for their education, to ensure they had a better childhood and upbringing than she, herself had, and so that she could raise awareness about cancer, and show what had basically never been shown or really talked about much before.
I believe this was the right thing for her to do, and noone can really argue that fact, as since Jade was diagnosed with cervical cancer, demand from women to have screening tests has increased by 53% and it is a fact that this must have saved lives. Even though Jade was too late to save herself, she has and will continue to save the lives of other women in Britain and around the world. 
What do you think of the top ten, who would you have voted for?