It's been well documented lately in newspapers and magazines, that Nadine Coyle from Girls Aloud is looking skinnier than ever lately.
People may argue that it might just be in that particular photograph, or the angle which it was taken from, but I don't think this is the case. Nadine has said that she is naturally slim anyway, which is true, but she's not skinny naturally. Do you remember her on Popstars The Rivals, when she was 17 years old, auditioning to get into Girls Aloud? She looked great, she was slim, with curves in all of the right places, I'd guess she was a healthy size 10-12 back then, and now, maybe a size 6 at the biggest? We have to remember the camera adds pounds too. I think she looks dreadful in this recent picture, she looks really ill, I think it's sad that she must fell she has to look this way to be attractive in the industry she is in. 
All of the girls except Kimberly are really skinny now. I actually prefer every single one of them in the before pictures.  They look so much happier and healthier with a little more weight on their bones, because lets face it, none of these girls are fat. The before pictures definatley promote a more healthy body image to their younger fans who will want to copy them.
Kimberley has always been my favourite member of Girls Aloud, and I think she's great for promoting a curvy figure while still looking amazing. It's ironic how she is the one who has got the modelling deal with New Look, rather than any of the skinnier girls. Girls should be proud of their curves, its completely natural.
I know weight is always a bit of a dodgy subject, but what are your views?