The majority of you will have heard about the new Remington hair dryer called the 'Spin Curl'.
I have been needing a new hair dryer for a while now, and decided to give this one a go, mainly because with this, you can curl your hair as you dry.

I have naturally wavy hair, so I often wear mine curly. I usually wash and blowdry my hair, then straighten it, before going back in with my GHD's to curl it. Not good for my hair really! A bit too much heat I think.
By using the Spin Curl, I can achieve dry, curled hair in 1 step - much better!

I bought mine from Sainsbury's, as I wanted the Nectar points on my card (haha how sad!), it was £26.66
You can also buy them from Superdrug for £38.79 and Boots for £39.99
So I'm glad I also got mine pretty cheap!

There are a few tutorial videos for this product on YouTube, and one on the product website here so I won't waste my time describing you exactly how you create the curls step by step, but it's so easy!

There is a separate attachment for the hair dryer which you use when you want to create the curls (you don't have to use this, and can use it as a regular hair dryer also). The attachment works as a wing tunnel, and you literally just put a section of your hair into the tube, and blow dry. It spins your hair so fast that it creates a ringlet, and then you just loosen the curls to how you would like them.
There are also different speed and heat settings on the dryer, plus another attachment just for regular blow drying.

Curling my hair how I would usually do it (with GHD's as described above) would usually have taken me about an hour, but this only took me 10 minutes! Amazing!
Once I had created all of the curls and loosened them to my liking, I sprayed my Tresseme hairspray allover to help hold the curls, and they lasted all day (even in the hot humidity of the swimming baths). I tied my hair up last night when I went to bed, and the curls were still there this morning also!

I love this product, and I am going to keep experimenting with it!