If you remember the late 80's and 90's like I do, you will remember how popular it was to crimp your hair. 
Back in the day, before straighteners existed, everyone had a pair of crimpers… and I just happen to have a feeling that the crimped look is going to come back and be a big trend for summer 2010.
A few celebrities have already dug out their crimpers and revived the look.
Tyra Banks - I think this looks really cute, especially with the twisted fringe rather than just leaving it all hanging down. Although I wouldn't have crimped all of the loose hair, I would have left some chunks straight.

Fergie - not sporting the best crimped look. I don't like this at all... it shows how much of a difference twisting the fringe made to Tyra's look.

Portia de Rossi - I love how she has just crimped the hair that's pulled back and not the actual pony tail. This is a really interesting look.

Fearne Cotton seems to be a big fan, and I love how she only crimps sections of her hair, then mixes it up with a bit of back combing or straightening. She has managed to create two completely different images here, the first is very classy and cute, whereas the second is full on rock chick. She definitely knows how to work her crimpers!

I'm going to search for my crimpers in the back of my wardrobe and drawers and as soon as I find them I'll be putting them back to good use.

What do you think of this look?