Wow, I can't believe this is my 100th blog post!

...Another hair post from me, kind of following on from my previous post too.
This time I'm talking about coloured hair. 
I don't just mean going blonde or brunette, I mean actual bright coloured hair.

I thought about doing this post when I first saw Kelly Osbourne's purple rinse coloured hair. She's taken a typical 'granny style' and modernised it, and I actually think it's really nice, though I wouldn't have my hair that colour.
As I started to look back through the archives of celebrities with coloured hair, I came across some real shockers…

It used to be quite fashionable to have fake strands of coloured hair clipped into your barnet, as sported by Lisa from Steps. It's hard to believe everyone had hair envy over the style!
The next phase was coloured hair mascara which was all the rave for a while (goodness knows why - that stuff was awful!)
Rachel McAdams
Lily Allen
Avril Lavigne
Pixie Geldof
Lady Gaga
The weird thing is, the majority of these photos have been taken this year! 
Brightly coloured hair is slowly creeping back into fashion!!

Are you going to reach for the blue dye now?