Myself and the beautiful Suzanna at Suzanna Mansour Blog decided to do a little swap of chocolate and candy, as I love things from America which aren't available in the UK, and vice versa.
Unfortunately, Suzanna's parcel from me, is still stuck in the UK, thanks to the volcano ash cloud that is hovering above England right now, but I was so excited this morning when I saw that my parcel had arrived!
I had only asked for a couple of things which I knew I liked, and the rest were surprises.
So much for my diet... looks like that is out of the window!

This is what I got:
2 boxes of Charleston Chews
a big bag of mini Tootsie Rolls
a big bag of chocolate pretzel Flipz
3 Musketeers bar
Air Heads
Wonka Chewy Spree
Sour Patch Kids
Butterfinger bar
Crunch bar
Wonka Sweetarts
2 Heath bars
100 Grand bar

mmmmm!!! Thank you Suzanna!