I've bought a few random bits over the past week or so, some from my local town and some from York.
Nothing is overly exciting, but I thought I'd show you anyway...
Ring and bracelet from Claire's Accessories
The ring is practically identical to one I liked from Topshop a while back, the Topshop one was £12, this was £4.
The bracelet reminds me of a Links of London bracelet too, which I love but can't really afford, so for £3 this was a bit of a must have!

I love big rings!

The Neutrogena Wave
I haven't read any reviews or heard much about this, so I am hoping it's good!
I've got my fingers crossed it will give a deeper clean on my face as it claims to do, and help combat my dry skin.

Cocoa Body Butter and Nail Varnish Remover Pads
These were both really cheap from Body Care, the body butter was 99p, which is a total bargain! It's the same size as The Body Shop ones, and smells amazing!
I can't remember how much the nail varnish pads were, but they work so well! It literally takes seconds to get all the nail varnish off my fingers!

This was in the sale at the Body Shop and only cost me £4 (reduced from £12 *I think*)
I chose the pink 'Hot Brights' version of this blush, they do this in a yellow/bronze colour too.
It smells lovely, kind of sweet and flowery.
I love the colours in this.
Swatched with flash (l-r) light side, darker side, mixed
without flash
I've never bought makeup from The Body Shop before, I usually just go there for body stuff, but I think I'm really going to like this!