I'm doing this a little backwards, because this nail varnish is a new one which I bought from a CCO in York, I will be doing my haul post from there in a day or two, so please excuse me for getting these two posts kind of the wrong way round!
I just loved the colour so much and couldn't wait to slap it on my nails!
The polish in question is Mac - Violet Fire

This is the first Mac nail varnish I have used, and I have to admit, I hadn't heard the best reviews on Mac nail varnishes... but I thought because the colour was so nice, I would give it a shot myself!

After one coat (below), I was agreeing with the reviews, it was really watery, and didn't give colour anything like that in the bottle.

Two coats (below) made a difference, but it still wasn't the colour I desired.

After three coats however, I got to the colour I wanted. Unfortunately in this photo, the colour still looks a little thin, but it isn't... I think it's just the way the light was reflecting off my nails. 
It dried in less than a minute too which is a big bonus for me with nail varnishes.

The colour isn't quite on trend with the pastels this summer, but I still love it! It's very bright and almost metallic looking.
I do have to admit though, I much prefer my OPI's and Barry M nail paints for their consistency, quality and pigmentation. Maybe Mac should stick to the lippies! 
This colour isn't available on the Mac website anymore, and I'm pretty sure that means it won't be available on Mac counters either. The York CCO I bought mine from (in the Designer Outlet) was pretty stocked up with these, so you could try there, or your closest CCO... failing that, try good old eBay!