As promised, this is my nails of the day post, wearing MUA Shade 12.
Sorry for the amount of these posts lately, but a few people asked to see this…
Once I was used to the consistency, it was really easy to apply.
It's quite a thick, possibly slightly gloopy consistency, but with a good shake of the bottle and by getting the correct amount on the brush, it went on fine.
The brush is pretty short too, but it's not a problem.
It only took one coat to achieve this colour - how good?! For just £1 this is fantastic!
After wearing for two days, it hasn't chipped or peeled at all… I guess there isn't anything bad to say about this product. 
It gives a slightly matt finish, rather than being really shiny, I think it looks lovely.

You get 6.2ml in the bottle, which is more than an Eyeko polish :)
Some of the other colours are gorgeous too… I will certainly be buying more of these!
MUA nail varnish is available at Superdrug