For all of you lovely ladies in the UK, June's issue of InStyle magazine has a free Nails Inc. nail polish free!
The magazine costs £3.60, and the polish is worth £10.50
So what are you waiting for?.. Go and grab a copy or three!
...I say three, because there are three different colours to choose from.
The colours have been created especially for InStyle, and they are really on-trend colours.
(L-R) InStyle Mink, InStyle Beach, InStyle Candy
Mink is a lovely shade of 'greige', a dark, classy nude.
Beach is the perfect bright, summer coral shade.
Candy is a pretty pastel pinky purple.
All gorgeous!

This is the second year (correct me if I'm wrong there, it may be more) that InStyle have given Nails Inc. free with the magazine, and I couldn't be more excited about it!
Nails Inc. is up there with OPI as a competitor for the best nail polish brand, in my opinion.

As an extra bonus, you are also entitled to 20% off all Nails Inc. online purchases, plus 20% off manicures and pedicures. Can't go wrong, can you?!

I have only bought one copy of the magazine (so far...) and I chose the 'Mink' polish.
Its absolutely gorgeous, and I will be posting a NOTD post really soon!
Have you got any of these yet?