I have always been a big lover of denim, and denim coloured pieces.
Blue is my favourite colour, so I guess that kind of explains it!
I own denim/denim coloured bags, shoes, socks, coats, jackets, tunics, dresses, tops, leggings and obviously jeans. Even I, as a denim fanatic, agree that wearing a lot of denim can be overkill, but I absolutely love the double denim trend!
It does have to be tackled in a certain way and dressed with a certain style (I plan on doing a more in depth post on this in the near future), however, for now, here is my double denim outfit of the day.
I wore this to take my daughter to the beach.
Please excuse my boyfriend's photography skills... apparently my head doesn't need to be in the picture!!
I am wearing:
Denim shirt - Primark
Black vest - Miss Selfridge
Denim leggings - Topshop
Sandals - Aldo
Ring - Primark

Another picture, just to show I do have a head!
Do you like this trend?
I look forward to hearing your views on it, before I write my other post about it.