A couple of weeks ago I received a little parcel in the post, it was a set of Sundepil hair removal pads. I was really excited to try these out, as I am always looking for the perfect method of hair removal.
You may remember I reviewed the Babyliss Simply Smooth here and this is a similar, yet cheaper and easier to use product.
In the pack I received; 1 storage case, 1 large Sundepil pad (with depilation pad attached), 1 small Sundepil pad (with depilation pad attached), 4 large Sundepil depilation pad replacements, 3 small Sundepil depilation pad replacements & instructions for use.
If you haven't heard about depilation before, it is the removal of the part of the hair above the surface of the skin, as opposed to epilation, which removes the whole hair, including that which is under the skin. Obviously the most common form of depilation is shaving, however, shaving is quite abrasive on the surface of the skin, and can cause damage. Sundepil pads aim to do the same job, without causing any damage.
The product is sold as giving you easy, effective and painless removal of unwanted hair. Each pad is like a very, very fine sandpaper, made up of tiny crystals which exfoliate the skin and buff away the hairs.
The storage case is really cute, and very handy. Its perfect for keeping the pads and replacements in, as well as being very slim and lightweight, ideal for taking with you on holiday etc. The large pad is for use on legs and arms, and the smaller pad is for smaller areas such as the face, toes etc.
I have quite small hands, so with products like this, I always worry that they won't fit on my fingers/hand properly, but these are a great size for me. Both pads sat comfortably and snug on me, and I was able to use them without them slipping around or falling off.
To use the pads, you don't have to do any preparation on your skin, you simply use them on dry skin, with no moisturiser on... just completely bare skin. Firstly, you apply a small amount of pressure and move the pad in circular motions on your body where you want to remove the hair. This first step exfoliates the skin, and I have to say, it does an amazing job of exfoliating! The pads remove lots of dead skin cells, even after showering and exfoliating, these pads proved to me that there was still a lot of skin to be removed. 
Next you do the exact same step, but in the opposite direction, still in circular motions, this time removing the hair, and it really does work!! On occasion I had to go over certain parts where hairs had been missed, but it's so easy to do and quick, that it doesn't matter. I did find certain areas on my legs harder to reach than others, but I think that is a given with any method of hair removal really.
Once I had used the pad allover my legs, they felt so, so soft and smooth, I just couldn't stop touching them! I think it was probably the softest my legs had ever been.
I also used the small pad on my top lip... not that I have a moustache or anything, just because I'm so pale, any hairs do tend to show up on my face. Just like the larger pad, this one did the job too! Although I used a little too much pressure with this one and it made my lip a little sore for a while... so if you buy these, be careful with delicate areas!
I found that the hair grows back within two or three days, obviously this will vary with each person, but it's so easy to use, it doesn't matter when it grows back, as you can just buff the hairs away again.
This is definitely my new preferred method of hair removal... no more shaving rash or painful waxes for me!
The pack I received will last on average for 12 months.
It is easy to see why this product is a world number 1 best seller!
You can buy your very own pack of Sundepil pads, and watch a demonstration video here for the very affordable price of £14.90 including p&p.
Replacement pads and the men's version of the pads are also available.