Following on from my Best Dressed list post (here), quite a few of you asked to see a Worst Dressed list.
So here are my pick of the worst outfits on the red carpet for last week's British Soap Awards!
Lacey Turner is such a pretty girl, but here it just looks to me like she hasn't bothered to get ready or pick a nice outfit. The skirt looks like it needs ironing, and the top is completely shapeless, therefore really unflattering. Her shoes are nice though!
Helen Flannagan, on the other hand, looks like she has tried too hard. I don't like the headband, especially not for a red carpet event, it's a bit more festival chic. The dress doesn't suit her colouring, and I think the sandals are really out dated.
Loui Batley doesn't look good here at all. The dress doesn't appear to fit her properly on top, and the frilly, dangly bits are awful. The shoes make her legs look chunky and remind me of stripper shoes! Also, she's another one who doesn't seem to have bothered with her hair.
Jorgie Porter usually wears outfits I really love... and there isn't anything wrong with this really, just I don't think it's dressy enough. I like how she has tried to be different by wearing a jumpsuit, but I think this would be more suited to a meal with friends rather than a big event like this. It also looks like it needs an iron too!
I think I've saved the best/worst outfit for last. Bronagh Waugh must have really been willing to do anything to get in the papers! 
No underwear + a see through dress = disaster!
I don't know what else to say... YUCK!