I have never done this kind of post before, but thought I would share my thoughts and ask for you opinions on my hair!
I used to be addicted to colouring and changing my hair. Until I got pregnant, I hadn't had my natural hair colour since I was about 12! But now it's back, and I'm kind of stuck for ideas on what to do with it next... I do think it is time for a change though!
I have a few ideas on what colour I would like to go, but I thought I would show you a few hairstyles/colours I have sported over the years, and ask for your opinion on what I should do next.
I was once blonde... like proper light blonde, and I really didn't suit that, so I've left those photos out!

This was one of my favourite hair colours, and my hair was probably at it's longest here.
Next I had it chopped quite alot shorter (but still long!) with a bit more of a side fringe and a darker colour brown.
This is the above cut and colour at it's growing out and fading stage.
Next I dyed it the darkest colour I've had it... really dark brown, and had the side fringe put back in.
I let the colour fade out and grew my length back, but had my side fringe chopped back in.
Then I went dark again, with a full blunt fringe. I adore blunt fringes, and have been thinking about getting this again, but I'm not so sure it suits me, plus it's really hard to keep in place with my hair, its so wavy!
This was when I was pregnant, the fringe had been cut back into a side fringe, and the length was getting back to really long (how I like it).
... and now! Nothing has been done to it, the fringe has completeley grown out and the colour is natural. It's just growing out since I had it chopped for having my baby.
So... I'm open to ideas really, of styles and colours. I won't be going short though, as I love to have big and wavy hair, but still... let me know what you think!