Is it possible to fall in love with a nail polish?
I think I have!

The lovely people at Nails Inc. sent me two nail polishes to review and this is the first of the two which I have tried.
I could tell I was going to like this colour as soon as I saw the bottle... it's on trend with the pastel nails which everyone is craving at the moment, but with a little extra 'pop' of colour. It's not a wishy washy minty green colour, it's more exciting than that.
This colour is called 'Haymarket'.
Above photo with flash, below without.

Nails Inc. are probably my favourite nail polishes. I love the consistency and longevity of the polish, plus they do an amazing collection of colours.
It took only two coats to achieve the look above. 

I always find with Nails Inc, the polish is very easy to apply. The brush is the perfect size for decent coverage, delicate enough to be exact with application and easy to hold and use.
I wore Haymarket for four days before any chipping began, and even then it was only a tiny amount which started to come away... it doesn't get much better than that!
Another bonus, is that it dried super fast... no waiting around for your nails to dry with fear of smudging... by the time I had painted my last nail on one hand, the first ones were already bone dry!

Haymarket is available alongside all of the other beautiful Nails Inc polishes here and they retail at £10.50, for a full size 10ml bottle. 
They also have some great offers on at the moment, where you can save money when you buy 3 or more colours, just go here to treat yourself!
Well worth it in my opinion... one bottle will last you ages!