I know I'm a little late jumping on the bandwagon in buying Topshop makeup, but I really wanted to wait until I could get into a shop to actually try some of the products before buying. I read alot of reviews on here and watched some YouTube videos, so I had a good idea of which products I was going to like, but I was just a bit too sceptical to order online.
Anyway, I managed to get into Middlesbrough a couple of weeks ago (yeah, sorry it's taken me a while to actually write up this post), and I picked up three lovely items!
I bought a lipstick in the colour 'Brighton Rock' (£8), a cream blush in 'Pinch'(£6) and a lip stick crayon in 'Vintage'(£7).
I think the lip products are both slightly over priced, but the cream blush is a bargain.
From what I have read about the makeup range, the packaging seems to be a 'love it' or 'hate it' kind of thing... I am on the love side. It is very 'Topshop', on par with the style of their website, their bags and online packaging, just very simple and recognisable. 
The lipstick is a very different colour from anything I currently own, but I purposley chose it for this reason. It's a really bright pinky red, whereas I usually go for nude or pinky brown coloured lips, so I am really looking forward to this different look.
The cream blush is probably the product I was most excited about, I have only heard rave reviews about all of the variations in colours of this product, and I only own powder blushers, so it's a completely new product for me. I went for the brightest, reddest colour again (I must have been in a brave mood the day I chose these!), but as the blush is so creamy and build-able, I can create a really subtle pink flush to my cheeks, as well as a bright red, vibrant blush - I love it! The first thing I did notice about the blush though, was that they are really tiny... a lot smaller than I expected.
Finally, the lip stick crayon. This colour is a really pearly pink, and gives a nice bright sheen to the lips. It's very creamy and easy to apply. I very much like the way you can outline the lips with this and then colour them in, this again is a new product/method for me, and one which I really like.

I apologise that I haven't swatched any of the products for you to see, but I will be posting a 'face of the day' post using only these products in the next couple of days!

I am definitely going to buy more from the range... I just haven't decided what yet!
You can buy Topshop makeup here