Hello everyone, I hope you're all having a lovely bank holiday weekend!
I haven't posted a review on here for a while, so thought I would share with you all, the new amazing product which has saved my skin!
I'm sure you have all seen it before, but let me introduce, L'Oreal Perfect Clean Foaming Cream Wash...

Since having my daughter (a whole eight months ago!) my skincare routine has kind of taken a back seat... naughty I know, but other things have become priority. Anyway, my skin has suffered for this, and I've been getting very dry flaky patches on my cheeks, nose and forehead, and it hasn't looked good, in fact it has been getting me down quite a lot, as it was totally impossible to hide.
I knew I had to kick myself into gear and find something to help solve my problem.

I read quite a few reviews on various skin care products on blogs and other websites, and decided to try this, mainly, I must admit, due to the scrublet which comes with the face wash. Initially this could be mistaken as a bit of a gimmick, but I couldn't live without it now. Described as a 'soft flexible brush', it doesn't sound like anything special, but it really is! It's a miracle worker! 
The scrublet is a small rubber pad, which moulds to the shape of your hand and your face. It has tiny little bumps allover, which really help to lather up the face wash and work it into your skin. You simply pop the scrublet out from the top of the face wash bottle, apply a small amount of face wash and work in circular motions onto your wet skin. The little bit on the back of the scrublet which holds it into the bottle, fits perfectly between your index and middle finger, so it is very easy to use. It also has a suction pad on the back, so if you prefer, you can stick it to your bathroom tiles or mirror - very handy!
It helps exfoliate the skin on your face without being abrasive or scratchy. After just one use, my skin felt unbelievably soft and much smoother.
I chose to buy the face wash aimed at dry/sensitive skin, and it has really helped. I no longer go out thinking that everyone can notice what bad condition my skin is in. It feels so much nicer, and my make up applies much better now. I will most definitely be buying this again... luckily I have found that I only need a tin amount of wash on the scrublet, so one bottle will last me a very long time.
The bottle claims 'clean sensation, pores look smaller and velvety smooth skin' and I have to say I agree with the first and last comments 100%. As for smaller pores, I haven't noticed a change as yet, but I have only been using the face wash for just over two weeks... maybe it will take effect on my pores after more use.

This face wash is available in two other varieties, 'normal/combination skin' and 'exfoliating for all skin types'. Because they cater for everyone, I would really recommend you try this, if only for the scrublet, which can obviously be used with any face wash product.

The face washes are available in Boots, Superdrug etc for £4.99