Sorry for the lack of blogging lately girlies... My boyfriend is in his final weeks at college and constantly has essay deadlines, so I'm not having as much time on the laptop!
Anyway, I thought I'd do a quick post while I've got chance...

I am one of the rare girls, who at the age of 24 doesn't have any piercings... not even my ears!
Since working in Topshop, I have began to notice how cute some earrings really are, and now... you've guessed it... I want my ears piercing!
I'm really scared at the thought of having it done, I know I'm a wimp! I am going to try and pluck up the courage to do it though... let's face it, I need something else to spend my money on!
I'm already lusting after all of these earrings!, should I go for it?!
All images taken from Polyvore