One thing I hate is having dark circles under my eyes, and then in the summer when I get hayfever and my eyes go all itchy and puffy... eurgh! I was lucky enough to be sent a really interesting product to review by the lovely people at Eyeslices and I was so excited to try them out. Anything which claims to help with red eyes, dark circles under your eyes, tired eyes, puffy eyes or even the odd wrinkle around your eye area has to be worth a shot, right?!
Eyeslices are little jelly like pads which you wear on your eyes, they lock in moisture and provide and instant cooling sensation, very much like placing cucumber slices on your eyes, just you don't get sticky and you don't look as daft! They come in their own little holder and are re-usable up to ten times! Knowing that they are made with natural and organic ingredients also gives me a lot more faith in the product, as I don't like the thought of putting any chemicals around my eyes. They include 'sambucus nigra' which is the extract of the black elder tree's flower and aloe ferox, known best in the beauty world for it's soothing, calming and healing properties.

When I received these in the post, even though I was desperate to rip them straight out of their packaging and slap them straight onto my eyes, I decided to wait until I had had a busy day and was feeling tired. I am really glad I did this, as I got to feel and see the full effect of the Eyeslices. 
The Eyeslices each come in a sealed foil container within their holder, so that when you open them the first time they are really fresh, and very moist. I shook off quite a lot of liquid before applying on my eyes. The Eyeslices feel just like jelly, and are really cool to touch, they also fit perfectly on the eye, and have almost a suction effect which holds them into the eye socket. The recommended use for these is between 5 and 15 minutes, so I wore mine for 10. I was able to sit up with them on, as they stay on the eyes, but I took advantage of being able to lie my head back with my eyes closed and relax... a bit of 'me time'. The first thing I noticed was the instant cooling effect they gave - lovely! After my first 10 minutes use, my eyes were a little red (but not irritated) where the Eyeslices had been placed, but within a minute or two this had completely gone... I guess this was just due to them being cooling on the skin... so if this happens to you, don't panic! My eyes felt much more awake and even just after one use, puffiness had been reduced. 

I have been continuing to use the Eyeslices over the past two weeks, whenever my eyes have felt like they needed a rest, and I haven't been disappointed at all. The dark circles under my eyes appear to have reduced quite noticeably and tired eyes are no longer a problem!

I would really recommend these for use after a hard days work, a sleepless night, a day in the sun, a long day's blogging when you're staring at the computer screen, a good cry, or just anytime you need ten minutes to yourself. I love mine, and will definitely be getting some more very soon!
They come wonderfully packaged inside a cute little box, and the started pack only costs £19.95. You can buy refill packs and a special 'his & hers' pack, and they have a special spring offer on at the moment, where you can buy a starter pack and a refill pack for just £28.95 - saving you 50% on the refill pack! They ship to most countries world wide and accept payment by credit card or PayPal... I know how much us girlies love to pay by PayPal!
If you are in the UK or Europe check out their website now at eye slices verve.