Want sparkling nails to give glitter balls a run for their money?
The lovely people at POP Beauty sent me some wonderful products to try out, the first being this amazing spangly-sparkly nail varnish; aptly-named 'Twinkle' from their 'Nail Glam' collection, which you can view here.

POP Beauty as a brand promotes the idea of being an individual with your style and setting trends, being bright and daring with your makeup and creating looks which others will want to follow.

At first glance I wouldn't blame you for mistaking this for OPI's much lusted after  'Mad As A Hatter' polish. After closer inspection, you could still believe that is what I was wearing. The quality of the POP Beauty polish is just as good as any OPI polish I have worn before, the only real difference is the price tag! OPI will set you back around £9-£10, the POP Beauty alternative is a real bargain at only £6!
Having tried a lot of glitter polishes in the past and I have always been disappointed. The clear polish:glitter ratio in most other nail polish brands is very high, so no matter how many coats you apply, you get a very sparse cover of glitter particles. With this however, that is not the case, to get the look achieved in this photo it took only two (yes TWO) coats! The polish is absolutely jam packed full of tiny pieces of glitter, in every colour you can imagine; pink, blue, gold, silver and the rest, it's stunning! I would say this is the perfect polish for any night out or party, it's super glitzy and you can be sure that it will catch everyones eye. By wearing this on your nails you are making a statement without being too in your face!
The polish contains nylon, which creates a strengthening, non-chip barrier, and it really does seem to be non-chip polish, I wore it for four days straight before any of it gave up on me, and even then it was only a little bit on my right index finger which chipped away.
It is also very, very easy to apply, and dries in less than a minute! The brush is a great size making precision when painting easy and the polish itself glides on really smoothly, because it applies so smooth. Unlike some cheaper glitter nail polishes I have worn in the past, this is smooth to the touch when it's dry, rather than feeling rough from the pieces of glitter. (The photo was taken with the flash on to show the full effect of the glitter polish - click to enlarge).

I adore it, I can't wait to try more of POP Beauty's gorgeous nail polishes and some of their other lovely looking products. They have a great range of items including some gorgeous palettes and false lashes.

If you haven't already checked out their website you can do so by clicking here and you'll be pleased to know they ship to the UK and USA.
Also check out their sister site Pixi Beauty.
Let me know if you treat yourself to any goodies from either site!