Mavala nails have released two new collections of gorgeous polishes for summer.
My favourite is the 'Paradise' range. (Below)
The range features colours which will give your nails a bright pop of colour - perfect for the summer months ahead.
L-R Spicy Red, Flamingo Pink, Vibrant Pearl, Mango Orange, Paradise Blue, Tangerine.
The prefect collection of summery holiday colours to match every outfit and for every occasion!

I was lucky enough to be sent three of the polishes from this collection; Flamingo Pink, Mango Orange & Tangerine aswell as the Mavala Colorfix top coat.

The first polish I tried was the stunning 'Flamingo Pink', not in any way similar to Barry M's polish of the same name... this is a much deeper, darker pink.
The application of the polish was really easy, it went on very smooth, and I found the brush a great size which was easy to control. One layer of this polish alone would be enough, the colour is really glossy and bright, although I chose to apply two coats in hope of it lasting longer.
Without a topcaot, the polish isn't very long lasting at all, it started to chip off my nails after just a couple of hours, however when I applied it with the Mavala top coat, it lasted a couple of days before it began to chip at all. The topcoat is reinforced with acrylic to protect the colour and prevent chipping. The polish alone, as I said, is very glossy and has tiny particles of shimmer in it, making it really beautiful. It almost reminds me of coloured glass - that's the look it gives when on your nails! With the Colorfix ontop, it's even more shiny and beautiful.
Sorry about the not-so-perfectly painted nails. Both photographs were taken after one days wear with two coats of polish plus the topcoat and I used the flash on my camera. The flash appears to have made the polish look a little watery on my nails, but trust me, it's not... it's really perfect.

If you haven't heard of Mavala before, they were voted 'Best Nail Colour Brand' in the Natural Health Beauty Awards 2010. They have been on the market for over 50 years and to top things off, their polishes are completley free from any toxins.
You can buy Mavala polishes from larger Boots stores in the UK, find your nearest stockist here!

I will be posting about the other two colours as soon as I can!