I have talked about different methods of hair removal quite a lot on my blog lately, and here I have a review of another product for you, this time for facial hair.

Most women will claim they don't have any facial hair, while others will admit to having a little dark hair on their top lip, but in truth, everyone has it...allover the face, and until you try this product you probably wouldn't realise just how much 'peach fuzz' type hair you have on your face.

I was sent a product called 'My Spring It', which is a tool designed to remove that kind of hair.
Based on appearance, it doesn't look like it would do much... but it is quite a clever little thing! It works in a way similar to threading, it doesn't damage your skin, and it removes hair from the root (so there is no danger of any hair growing back thicker!)
Basically it is a very bendy spring, with handles at either end. It comes in a cute little black pouch, so you can keep it in your handbag or makeup bag and it will stay clean.
To remove the hair, you have to bend the spring, apply to where you need the hair removing, and twist the little handles... this creates the threading effect, the spring turns, rolls up and down the face and traps the hairs, removing them as it goes. Initially, this is quite a difficult concept to get used to, I found myself dropping the My Spring It a few times, getting it a bit of a twist with my fingers and missing areas, but after a bit of practise, it does get easier.
(sorry the picture is a little blurry!)
It isn't as painful as you would expect either, the first few feel a little painful (along the same lines as plucking a hair) and it tingles a little, but you can't really expect no pain when you're removing hairs from your face! I actually found it quite therapeutic after a while!
It is quite surprising how much of that 'peachy fuzz' type hair you actually have on your face, especially the cheeks, just imagine how smooth your makeup will apply with that hair gone!
I was also really pleased to find that it didn't make my face sore or red at all, I was quite worried about this, with the area being so sensitive, but it was totally fine.

You can see videos and read more about the My Spring It on the website here!
If you would like one for yourself, they cost $15.99 each, with $2.60 international shipping, this converts to a total of £12.45 for us in the UK. The shipping from America was really quick for me too, so you won't have to wait long!