Jameela Jamil: Presenter, Model, Fashonista.
I'm sure you all know about Jameela, and if you're anything like me, you will spend half your time drooling over her well put together outfits of vintage pieces mixed with designer and high street... she's one of those women who seems to be able to look great in anything!
I've been so excited to share this post with you all, as last week, Jameela agreed to be interviewed exclusively for my blog!

Hi Jameela, thanks so much for agreeing to talk to me for my blog!
no worries!

How would you describe your style?
comfortable, retro, glam???

Who or what is your biggest style inspiration?
SOPHIA LOREN and generally the 60's. I love women who celebrated their curves.

What do you think makes you unique in the 'celebrity fashion world'?
I don't think I'm remotely unique in the fashion world.

What are your favourite current fashion trends?
I hate trends. I refuse to follow them. But I am always a fan of british festival wear. We do like no other.

Who is your favourite designer?
I love Tibi, william tempest and LP.BGand Charlotte Olympia shoes

Which is your favourite high street shop?
It's a tie between urban outfitters and topshop.

Do you enjoy charity/thrift shopping?
I love it, finding a steal that you KNOW is a one off, feels a bit like getting away with a crime... plis i LOVE to customise and recycle..
Do you watch any fashion themed TV programmes?
no... sorry... i feel like i should now!!! to be honest I really like to find my own style and not be influenced too heavily by others. this the reasons I refuse to have a stylist. If i cock up (which i do frequently) I want it to be on MY terms.

What percentage of your wardrobe has never been worn?
0%. I'm also a repeat offender. I find the idea of only wearing something once physically repulsive

What do you do with your unwanted clothes/accessories?
anything I wouldn't sell my mother for, i don't keep, I either give it to charity or find a better home for it...or I buy dye and beads and give it a complete makeover.

What is your must have fashion item at the moment?
My nude Kurt Geiger cork wedges...

What has been your best fashion/beauty bargain?
My black topshop ankleboots, I have worn them practically every day for two years and they still add the finishing touch to any outfit...even the red carpet ones.

...and your most extravagant purchase?
topshop raincoat. £170...I was too scared to wear it in the rain incase it got ruined...(I'm a fuckwit...i KNOW...)

What was the last fashion item you bought?
I bought a beautiful vintage camel coloured sheepskin and suede coat. I can't bloody WAIT for winter... I also bought an authentic army hat from the 40's, I love it so much I could eat it. (i wont)

...and the last makeup product?
nars ALBATROSS highlighter. it accentuates cheekbones and lights up your face so subtly but effectively...

and finally, what are you wearing right now?
Urban outfitters recycled army jacket, one shouldered body from topshop, old vintage cut off denim shorts, a vintage bronze HUGE wrist ciff and my christopher kane for topshop studded ankle boots. I look like i'm going to Fashion War!

Thanks so much again! Bye!
Thank you. sorry if I've just spoken absolute nonsense. I'm still learning!!!!