As promised in my previous Cloud Nine Iron's review (which you can read here), this is my first in my 'mini-series' of posts, by offering a step-by-step guide on how I create certain looks using Cloud Nine irons!
First up is waves.
I created this look by blow drying my hair to give a little volume at the roots, then sectioning off my hair so I just had a small layer to style at a time. Obviously, how thick the layers are depends on how thick you want the waves to be, so this is down to personal choice. I sectioned mine into 1-2 inch sections for this look.
With each section, I gripped the hair in the iron (as though I was going to straighten the hair) and twisted the hair over, then under, then over, and so on, until I reached the bottom of my section of hair. This creates a ripple effect with the hair. Once each layer was complete I sprayed with hairspray to hold the waves.
On the next layer of hair, I did the exact same thing, except I would start by twisting under, then over, (the same as before but in the opposite direction first). This creates a little extra volume, especially at the root of the hair.
Once all the layers were complete, I messed up the waves a little, and added more hairspray.
All in all, this took me around 30 minutes, and with my thick hair, I achieved the look using the Cloud Nine's on 150°C