Cosmopolitan have launched their first 'blog awards' in which they are searching for the creme de la creme of blogs, from various categories including Beauty, Fashion & Style, Celebrity and Lifestyle to name a few.

I think this is so exciting, and so great, that finally bloggers are getting some recognition, because there really are some amazing blogs out there.

If you think my blog is one of the best, and if you look forward to reading my posts, I would be absolutely honoured and so happy if any of you would be kind enough to vote for me, it would mean so much!
I really appreciate every single one of you who follow/read my blog and the comments I get from you all really put a smile on my face.
I love blogging, and I have made some great friends through doing so. 
If I had time, I would blog every day, and I do try my best!

At first I wasn't really sure which category my blog best fits in to, as I class this as a fashion and beauty blog, but I would like to be nominated in the fashion category, as this is where my heart really is.

To vote for me, simply click here
Select 'Fashion & Style' category
Enter the URL:
Then tell them why you think my blog deserves a vote!

Thank you so, so much if you decide to vote for me xox