I haven't done an 'Ins and Outs' blog post in ages, so guess what?!
Here are my ins and outs for the past couple of weeks :)
I am really enjoying my blog at the moment, even more so than usual. I love reading and replying to the comments you all leave me, and I have made some great friends through this blog and I finally feel like I have found my true blogging identity!
*Big Brother*
I get addicted to BB every year, and this year is no different. I am so sad it's the final one :( I am loving Josie & John James though - they are sooo going to get it on! 
I have had a couple of interviews over the past few weeks, all for jobs I really think I would enjoy. So far, I think the interviews have gone pretty well too, so hopefully I will be offered a job soon!
I'm not one to enjoy hot weather, but so far this summer has been lovely for me... nice and warm, perfect weather for summery dresses and flip flops, but with a nice breeze. I love it like this!
*Mountain Dew*
Mountain Dew had finally come back to the UK! It used to be my fave drink when I was about 12/13 and they stopped making it. I bought myself the odd few from America over the years, but it cost quite a bit... I'm so happy it's back - I will be addicted again!
*Swapping my car*
I've decided to swap my beautiful Grande Punto for an older VW Golf plus a bit of money. I've mainly done this because I need the money to pay my bills. I like the Golf, but I LOVEEE my Punto and I'm going to miss it so, so much :(
...Say no more!
*My Macbook*
I'ts broken for the second time this year :( It's so unfair when you buy something expensive like that and take care of it and it still fails!