Can you believe I only own one pair of jeans?!
I just feel more 'me' in leggings, a skirt or a dress. 
Another reason that I don't wear jeans, is that they are so hard to find in the right size, every shop has a different cut or sizing in jeans, and I'm the kind of person who walks into a shop, picks up what I want, and leaves (after paying of course!) I can never be bothered trying things on, and even if I did and I tried a pair of jeans on in my regular clothing size, if they were too small I would be depressed for the rest of the day!
I'm thinking of getting some more though, just for versatility in my wardrobe, and I was wondering if you think I actually suit them... In your honest opinion?
I don't really believe these jeans even fit me properly... I don't think they should be that baggy around the legs, although the waist pretty much fits. (Another reason I don't wear jeans - I'm never happy in them!)
I do like jeans though, I absolutely love denim, so if you guys tell me I suit them, maybe I should own some more... 
Can any of you recommend me some places to buy jeans, which are normal sizing, and not too pricey!
FYI these were from Topshop about two years ago.
Also in the picture I'm wearing a New Look ribbed vest, Primark floral cardigan bangle from Miss Selfridge and beads from Topshop.