With Summer finally here, I thought I would share with you all, a list of my must-have items for the summer months.
Apart from the obvious things like sun cream and water, these are the things I feel like I need...
Pastel Nail Polish
Barry M - OPI - Nails Inc - Models Own - Paul & Joe
 Fake Tan
I'm the type of person who finds it hard to sit in the sun, so I never really get a tan. This is why I choose to fake it, using some of these tanners.
Deoderant & Body Spray
(For obvious reasons! Nobody wants to smell!)
I own loads of sunglasses, but these are the ones I have bought most recently. I always buy cheap ones because I just fling them in my bag so I'm not too worried about them getting scratched or breaking.
Lip Balm
I always find I need this as much in the summer months as I do in winter, I love to keep my lips nice and soft with a good selection of lip balms.
Hissyfit - Palmers - Body Shop - Pop! Petal Jam - Jelly Belly - Superdrug
You can't beat a floral dress or cardigan to make yourself feel extra summery! This is just a very small selection of my floral print clothes!
I seem to be building up quite a good collection of sandals and flip flops... this again shows just a few of my current favourites.

What are your summer must-haves?