One colour I don't think I have ever painted my nails before is white. So the other day, while choosing from my forty-something bottle of nail polish, I decided to have a change and go all white.
I used Mac's 'Vestral White' which has been descontinued I believe :( I bought mine from a CCO in York.
I actually can't decide if I like this though...
I really like the idea of white nails, however, I'm not a fan of this polish. I don't actually like Mac nail polish to begin with... it's not great. I found it quite tough to get good coverage with this, and it reminded me of when I was about 12 at school, colouring in my nails with Tipex when I was bored in Maths! It was a bit streaky, and I needed three coats to get this colour.
Sorry for the not so perfect application here, I was in a rush!
I've been told that Barry M's white polish is much nicer, so I may try that, but hmmm... not sure.
What do you think?